Everything you need to know about PM Lee’s speech at the PAP manifesto launch in 60 seconds

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Martino Tan| August 29, 11:54 AM

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong delivered a rallying call to his ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) colleagues and activists ahead of the upcoming General Election.

PM Lee and his party launched its manifesto at the gathering of more than 1,000 activists held at Infinite Studios near Portsdown Avenue.

Below are 6 key points that PM Lee made about the GE:

1. The SG50 Election is about your future: PM Lee said that Singaporeans are choosing the government of Singapore, the leadership team, and the future direction of the nation.

2. On the Opposition: They say they do not wish to form the government because they know they are not credible. He said, “it’s amazing that they can say ‘don’t worry, vote for me, because I am not going to form the next Government’ ’’. PM Lee added that “Singapore is sunk!” if the Opposition run the Government like how they run their town councils.

3. Choosing the leadership team: Singapore arrived at SG50 because of good leadership. PM Lee brought in several good people in the last GE – they form the nucleus of the 4th generation leadership. The next PM will most likely come from the MPs elected into the next Parliament.

4. The PAP Manifesto: “With you, for you, and for Singapore”. It tells of what Singaporeans has achieved together. It tells what Singaporeans are doing together. It sets out the challenges Singaporeans face together. And it points to what more Singaporeans can build together.

5. MPs stepping down: 14 MPs are retiring. Two entered politics and fought with PM Lee in 1984 – former Ministers Wong Kan Seng and Mah Bow Tan. He praised them for their "guts, staying power and good hearts". PM Lee also thanked his former cabinet Ministers Lui Tuck Yew and Raymond Lim. He also singled out his Ang Mo Kio GRC MPs – Inderjit Singh and Seng Han Thong – to thank.

6. 24 new candidates: They include grassroots leaders and party activists with many years of experience; civil servants; an SAF officer; people from the private sector. There are also five ladies amongst them.

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Top photo by Ng Yi Shu.

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