50 S’pore songs to get you in the mood for S’pore’s 50th birthday

Get some honey ready, you may be singing along to a few of these.

By Martino Tan |Jonathan Lim | August 9, 2015

As we celebrate Singapore’s 50th birthday this year, what better way to do so than appreciating the tunes that tug at our heartstrings? You couldn’t be more Singaporean when you can remember the lyrics and melody to many of these songs even if you have not sung them in years.

This list of songs is going to be eclectic and very rojak. Just like Singapore. Play the songs in the background while you go about your SG50 weekend!

1. Home – Kit Chan

This is probably the only modern NDP song that many of us know and love.

2. Bless our Singapore – Corrinne May

A new one from Corrinne <3. It was sung in many Catholic churches today, after they sang the Majulah Singapura.

3. The Great Singapore Workout

A 16-minute song. *Flush flush pooot*

4. You are The One Singapore – JJ Lin

*Proceeds to do the hand-waving action, swinging side to side*

5. I Still Love You

The video became viral when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared it a few years ago during the National Day period.

6. We will get there – Stefanie Sun

You will find this song familiar and will be surprised that you forgot that it was an NDP song. Catchy though.

7. Zoe Tay – Boredphucks

Here are the 28th SEA Games songs in Singapore:

8. Unbreakable – Tabitha Nauser

9. Greatest – Daphne Khoo

10. Ordinary – The Sam Willows

11. 我的生活在这里 – Wu Jia Ming

12. Sixty Five – Gentle Bones

13. Lion City Kia – Shigga Shay

14. 城里的夜光 - Mavis Hee

Tofu Street!

15. Ai So Kan Mai – Boredphucks

16. Shigga Morning – Shigga Shay

17. Kopi-O – Eric Moo

18. Why U So Like Dat? – Siva Choy

Siva is now based happily in Perth.

19. Xiao Ren Wu De Xin Sheng – Eric Moo

Why have we forgotten the wisdom in this song in recent years?

20. Xi Shui Chang Liu – Liang Wern Fook

Such a good song that even PM Lee sang a line of it during last year’s National Day Rally.

21. Munnaeru Vaalibaa

The Tamil ND song that we always sing in school.

22. Together – Evelyn Tan & Dreamz FM

23. One United People – Stefanie Sun

24. We are Singapore

The feels.

25. Count on Me Singapore

More feels!

26. Di Tanjung Katong

27. Singapore Town

28. Where I Belong – Tanya Chua

29. Fried Rice Paradise – Dick Lee

30. What do you see – Electrico

The song that spawned the next spoof:

31. Lekuasimi – mrBrown

32. One People, One Nation, One Singapore

Even more feels!

33. Stand Up for Singapore

34. Duric Only 41 Better Than Zidane! – Singapore National Team Fan Chants

35. Dream Team 93

The song that unites every local football fan.

36. I dream – Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah

Singapore Idol!

37. Ah Boys to Men Official Theme Song

Ah Boys to Men Idols! The lives of Tosh Zhang, Wang Wei Liang, Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, and Noah Yap will never be the same after the movie’s spectacular box office success.

38. “The Lion Men” Official Theme Song 我们的故事 – (Tosh / Weiliang / Bunz)

39. NTUC May Day Rally 2015 – Solidarity Forever Song

The Manchester United fans in Singapore also know this tune.

40. 麻雀衔竹枝 Ma Que Xian Zhu Zhi MV《我的朋友,我的同學,我愛過的一切》電影原聲帶 That Girl In Pinafore

The Xinyao song was ‘unbanned’ in 2013 after 23 years. The ban was implemented because the song contains Cantonese lyrics.

41. The Unbeatables (双天至尊)

Well we all tried to flick poker cards at each other because of this.

42.  The Unbeatables 2 Theme Song MV Montage – 《当爱插身而过》

43. The Last Swordsman Theme Song – 《最后一个大侠》主题曲 – Beyond

44. 1989 – 早安老师 


45. 关怀方式 – 陈汉炜

46. 小人物的心声 吴佳明

47. Under One Roof – Opening Theme

“Mose Lim is Tan Ah Teck…”

48. Chan Mali Chan

Oi oi!

49. Singai Naadu – Shabir

One of the newest Tamil song after Munnaeru Vaalibaa. Sung and composed by Vasantham Idol Shabir Tabare Alam. Here is an exclusive feature by Shabir on how the song was nearly rejected by the NDP 2012 Organising Committee.

50. Our Singapore – Dick Lee

Let’s hope this last one catches on. Woo-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh~


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