Does Italian surveillance tech firm Hacking Team sell spy software to Singapore's IDA?

That's controversial if true.

Jeanette Tan| July 07, 10:30 PM

It's quite an embarrassing irony indeed for a company named "Hacking Team" to itself be hacked, but that's exactly what happened to it over the weekend.

Hacking Team, which provides intrusion and surveillance tools to governments and law enforcement agencies by trade, was according to web security news site CSO hacked over the weekend, with the alleged perpetrators taking over their official Twitter account and renaming it "Hacked Team":

Source Source: CSO

They also reportedly dumped some 400GB of data from the company's business onto an open source site that has since been taken down — this included a cache of internally-used passwords, among which are “HTPassw0rd”, “Passw0rd!81”, “Passw0rd”, “Passw0rd!”, “Pas$w0rd” and “Rite1.!!”, rather worrying for a company priding itself on security-related technology — but not without revealing some fascinating information about its alleged clientele:

Source: CSO Source: CSO

Source: CSO Source: CSO

Yup, Singapore's very own Infocomm Development Authority appears to be a named client, alongside three Malaysian government agencies, one from Thailand and another from South Korea.

Singapore's involvement in cyber-surveillance is an open secret, though, so we should perhaps not be too surprised by this, even if it's true.


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