Couple just raised bar for pre-wedding photo shoot with Star Wars theme

The Force is strong with this one.

Jonathan Lim| July 03, 04:10 PM

When you think of pre-wedding photo-shoots, you usually picture a bride clad in a beautiful white dress and the groom donning a suit. They would both be executing lovey-dovey poses at the National Museum of Singapore or a lalang field in Punggol.

But not for this couple.

They went with a themed Star Wars photo-shoot where the groom is enticed to the Dark Side of the Force. The bride has to battle Sith fighters (portrayed by groomsmen) to bring her groom back to the Light Side of the Force.

art of mezame star wars 1

Talk about deep theming.

The shoot is done by local photographer 

target="_blank">Mezame Shashin-ka who specialises in shooting toys and also cinematic photography. got in touch with Mezame to understand the work that goes behind such a shoot.

Mezame said: "The couple first came across a previous shoot we (Mezame) had for another couple featuring them as survivors of a zombie apocalypse. This shoot was heavily inspired by shows such as The Walking Dead and Resident Evil. Wanting to do something similar but with a Star Wars theme, the couple approached me and asked if I could do it."

art of mezame star wars 2

Being a fan of the Star Wars franchise, Mezame jumped at the chance. He added: "From a creative's perspective, I know that we had our work cut out for us so we had a lot of planning and experimenting done during pre-production."

Elaborating further on the planning, he said the process took several weeks with site recces, storyboarding and even creating custom lightsabers from local lightsaber maker


Here are some of the photographs from the shoot:

art of mezame star wars 4

art of mezame star wars 3

art of mezame star wars 4-1

art of mezame star wars 6

art of mezame star wars 5

art of mezame star wars 7

When asked to provide pointers for couples looking to do themed pre-wedding photoshoots, Mezame said: "We understand how communication is key. It is always crucial to communicate what is going on, what needs to be done before and during the shoot with the client as most of the time on set, they would be 'interacting' with something that will be included later in post-production."

In this case the couple 'interacted' with the various spaceships from the Star Wars universe and even C3PO.

And of course they had to compile the photographs into a sweet-looking coffee table book:

art of mezame star wars 8

When asked what theme he would like to shoot next, Mezame said, "We'd really love to do something really geeky and epic - Final Fantasy VII Remake has just been announced. How about that?"

For readers interested to check out the zombie apocalypse photo-shoot mentioned earlier, here it is:


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All photographs courtesy of target="_blank">The Art Of Mezame.

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