Scoot finally speaks up about delayed Perth flight, passengers promptly slam it for vagueness

Flight departure time: 12:10pm. First FB update: 11:38pm.

Jeanette Tan| June 21, 01:08 AM

Singapore's occasionally latest pride and joy budget carrier Scoot has finally posted comments to its Facebook page, some seven hours after its passengers started complaining about a severely-delayed flight from Singapore to Perth on Saturday.

Scoot Community, Scoot flight TZ8 to Perth was originally scheduled to depart from Singapore at 1210hrs on 20...

Posted by FlyScoot on Saturday, 20 June 2015


The backlash from passengers came swiftly.

They immediately called it out for its lack of transparency in explaining the "technical issue", slamming the airline's poor handling of the situation.

Source Source has earlier reported that passengers were given a host of excuses that differed at different points, all of which led to a total of what is likely to be a minimum-21-hour delay.

And as the commenter named Lee Jun Keong pointed out, "throughout the whole episode, no one from Scoot was present. Ground crew from Changi Airport was taking the full rage from the crowd". #scootinsilence

Another commenter, Tay YuTing, was slightly kinder:


She, however, pointed out that passengers were told that "Scoot's policy (does) not offer hotel stay(s)", despite passengers having to wait overnight and despite the airline giving stranded passengers in Hong Kong free accommodation:

Source Source

Another passenger at the scene told us that ground staff were even directing foreign passengers to the "multiple lounges" within the airport to seek rest while waiting for the next flight, currently "estimated" to take off at 9:50am Sunday.

Meanwhile, we haven't heard from the "Scoot community" in the company about this flight, despite contacting them hours ago.

We'll continue to keep you posted with updates.

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Top photo from Scoot Facebook page.

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