S'pore actor Mathi Alagan, 59, appears in Hollywood film 'Monkey Man' as arms dealer

The film is directed by "Slumdog Millionaire“ star Dev Patel.

Amber Tay | April 11, 2024, 06:49 PM



That arms dealer you see in "Monkey Man" you thought looked like a local actor? It's Mathi Alagan, a Mediacorp actor who acted in Mediacorp's long-form 2015 drama "Tanglin".

He played an arms dealer in the film, marking the 59-year-old Singaporean actor's debut in Hollywood.

The actor posted on Instagram a short clip of his appearance in the Hollywood action-thriller and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work on the film.

Alagan: grateful for the opportunity to be part of "Monkey Man"

The India-set Hollywood film, released in Singapore theatres on Apr. 5, 2024, tells the story of a fighter — played by Dev Patel himself— who seeks to avenge his mother's death.

It is also the directorial debut for Patel, whose starring role in the 2008 hit "Slumdog Millionaire" earned him BAFTA and SAG award nominations.

In the clip, Alagan's character can be seen selling different guns to Patel's character.

Alagan's appearance on screen was not fleeting but lasted a few minutes.

Alagan wrote in the Instagram caption:

"Grateful beyond words for the incredible opportunity to be a part of 'Monkey Man' helmed by a true legend in the industry."

He continued that working alongside Patel was an honour and that his team's dedication and passion for storytelling had left "an indelible mark" on him.

Alagan thanked the team for trusting him with the acting role and described it as "a journey of learning, growth, and sheer joy".

Many people congratulated him on his achievement in the comments section, with fellow "Tanglin" actor Charlie Goh commenting, "Sooooo sickkkkk".

Other Acting roles

Alagan is best known for acting in Mediacorp's long-form 2015 drama "Tanglin" and the 2012 crime drama series "Code Of Law".

He also acted in Tamil dramas and the 2018 Malaysian film "Villavan: The Vigilante".

Top image via imp awards and @mathiactor/Instagram