S'pore migrant worker, 46, feeds cats at construction site with his leftover food, helped rescue 9 of them

There were initially around 20 cats and kittens staying at the construction site.

Ashley Tan | April 03, 2024, 06:01 PM



A migrant worker in Singapore has been feeding numerous cats that live at the construction site he works at.

He has also been lending a hand to a local cat rescue organisation working to neuter and rehome the cats at this site.

Cat lover

Angeline Teo, a volunteer with local cat rescue non-profit Project LUNI, told Mothership that she counted around 20 cats and kittens staying at the construction site when she visited in August 2023.

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

Teo was first informed about the migrant worker's acts of kindness by a woman whose father ferries the workers to the construction site.

The worker, N, started feeding some of the cats in 2023 with his leftover food.

The 46-year-old shared that he does so as he is a cat lover, and used to keep cats back in his home in India.

Now, Project LUNI provides N with cat food so he doesn't have to scrimp on his own meals.

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

Rescuing cats

With construction at the site slated for completion in one to two years' time, Teo fears the cats there will lose their home.

As such, since her first visit to the site in August 2023, she has been working to trap and neuter the cats, as well as rehome some of the friendlier ones.

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

Teo shared that although N's English is limited, he has been helping her with her efforts.

Thus far, eight kittens and two adult cats have been fostered and adopted, while seven adult cats were trapped, neutered and released.

Teo says that of the seven cats remaining at the site, two have yet to be sterilised, and she has plans to engage a professional trapper to catch them.

However, she told Mothership that N has been a big help, and expressed her appreciation for his efforts and kindness.

"Without him, these cats would not have survived. His kindness towards the cats have touched many of us."

Donate to support community cat feeders

Three kittens, which N helped to rescue, were also brought to a vet by Teo and found to be suffering from severe fungal infections.

The trio, which have been named Lilou, Lea and Louie, are suspected to have ringworm.

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

For seven weeks, the kittens will be heading to a boarding home that has the capacity to administer daily medication and frequent medicated baths.

The total cost of their recovery, which includes boarding costs, as well as the cost of their medications and food, is estimated to be around S$1,470.

Thankfully, Teo shared that she has been able to raise this sum through donations.

Nevertheless, Project LUNI is always open to donations which can help support the organisation's volunteers and community cat feeders.

Project LUNI rehomed 292 cats in 2022, and sterilised 182.

Teo herself has fostered over 15 kittens in the three years prior.

You can donate to Project LUNI here.

Photo courtesy of Angeline Teo

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