Mama cat & 5 kittens, rescued from Punggol, now up for adoption

So much fluff.

Ilyda Chua | April 01, 2024, 04:29 PM



A rescued street cat and her five adorable kittens are up for adoption in Singapore.

The mama cat, Bella, gave birth to the litter in an inaccessible hole under a walkway in Punggol.

She had two litters prior and steadfastly avoided attempts to capture her for sterilisation.

Fortunately, after a long period of building trust, the two-year-old "supermum" was trapped and rescued.

The entire family is now safely in the arms of fosterers and up for adoption.

Here's the furry little family:

Photo from Jennlio/Instagram

And here are are the kittens, each with their own coloured ribbon.

Sage, Female

Photo from Jennlio/Instagram

Saffy, Female

Photo from Jennlio/Instagram

Basil, Male

Photo from Jennlio/Instagram

Cinnamon, Male

Photo from Jennlio/Instagram

Dill, Male

Video from Jennlio/Instagram

Currently, the kittens are around eight weeks old.

They'll only be ready for adoption at between 12 and 14 weeks.

In the meantime, they appear to be having a grand time snuggling, fighting, and generally being the cutest siblings ever.

Photo from Jennlio/Instagram

Photo from Jennlio/Instagram

Photo from Jennlio/Instagram

Her fosterer encouraged potential adopters not to overlook Mama Bella either.

"Bella has a very gentle and calm temperament...When all the kittens get an offer for a home, don't leave mama behind," she said.

Here are some details to take note of:

  • Adoption fees of S$100 per kitten and S$150 for Bella will apply.
  • Paired adoptions are encouraged. Kittens will not be adopted into homes without other cats.
  • A mandatory home visit will be conducted.

Prospective adopters can find more info here.

Interested? Fill in the adoption questionnaire on this page and send it to [email protected] for consideration.

Video from Jennlio/Instagram

Top image from Jennlio/Instagram