Jeremy Chan thought Jesseca Liu woke up early to do yoga, then realised she woke up early to vote for him


Daniel Seow | April 23, 2024, 05:33 PM



Singaporean actor Jeremy Chan thanked his wife, actress Jesseca Liu, for helping him win the Best Actor Award at the Star Awards 2024 by waking up early to vote for him.

The couple won big at this year's awards, with Chan also taking home the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes award and Liu going up on stage to receive the All-Time Favourite Artiste award.

The two said they would celebrate by going home to eat instant noodles.

This is Chan's first time taking home the Best Actor Award.

He won it for his role in the 2023 local drama "All That Glitters".

'So sweet'

When Mothership spoke to the couple backstage following Chan's best actor win, Chan reflected on a "sweet" thing that Liu had done for him that day.

"She woke up very early, and I thought she was doing yoga or cooking breakfast. But when I looked, I realised she was sitting on the sofa voting for me because you can vote unlimited times. So she just kept voting for me non-stop," he said.

“The entire scene was just so sweet."

Liu later estimated that she spent about "3 to 4 hours" voting for Chan.

The pair also thanked Chan's fans for their dedication in taking shifts to vote for him.

Roles reversed

In the past, Chan admitted, it's usually been the other way around, with him voting for veteran actress Liu.

Liu received 10 out of 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Awards from 2006 to 2023, meaning that she has graduated from the category.

It also meant that she could fully focus on supporting her husband without worrying about her own nominations this year, Liu noted.

"I finally have a chance to give back," Liu told Chan as the two shared a smile.

Celebratory meal: Instant noodles

When asked how they would celebrate, the couple giggled briefly before revealing that they would share a simple meal at home.

Their choice of comfort food? Instant noodles, with perhaps a fried egg on top.

"We said before the ceremony that no matter whether I get the award or not, at least you will receive the All-Time Favourite Artiste award, so we should go home [to celebrate]," Chan said.

"I feel the simplest meal is the most satisfying," he added.

Top image by Mothership