3 people, including 2 firefighters, taken to hospital after industrial fires at Eunos & Defu Lane

Both of the firefighters have been discharged from hospital.

Matthias Ang | April 03, 2024, 01:43 PM



Three people, including two firefighters, were conveyed to hospitals following two industrial fires that broke out on the night of Apr. 2 and the early morning of Apr. 3.

First fire occurred at Eunos Avenue 6, around 70 firefighters deployed

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), they were alerted to the first industrial blaze along Eunos Avenue 6 at 9:15pm.

The fire affected three units along a row of terrace workshops and involved building materials and office equipment within.

A total of 19 emergency vehicles and about 70 firefighters were deployed to tackle the blaze.

SCDF added that at the height of the firefighting operation, nine water jets, an aerial water monitor and an unmanned firefighting machine were also deployed.

Source: Photo via SCDF

Source: Photo via SCDF

Roof of one of the units had collapsed

Once the fire was under control, firefighters equipped with breathing apparatus proceeded into the smoke-logged units to locate the seat of fire.

SCDF said they had to exercise "extreme caution" as the roof of one of the units had collapsed.

Two adjacent units also sustained heat and smoke damage as a result of the fire.

SCDF added that a firefighter was assessed for smoke inhalation and conveyed to Singapore General Hospital as a precautionary measure.

He has since been discharged from hospital and is currently resting at home.

There were no other reported injuries.


Second fire occurred at Defu Lane 9

As for the second fire, SCDF said they were alerted to it at 12:20am on Apr. 3.

This fire occurred at 30 Defu Lane 9 and involved the contents of a two-storey industrial building measuring about 30 metres by 30 metres.

19 emergency vehicles and 70 firefighters were also deployed for this incident.

In addition, five people had evacuated the building prior to SCDF's arrival.

The fire was extinguished in about two hours with four water jets and two unmanned firefighting machines.

Source: Photo via SCDF

Three people assessed for injuries

In the course of the firefighting operation, a firefighter experienced heat exhaustion and was conveyed to Sengkang General Hospital as a precautionary measure.

He was subsequently discharged from hospital and is currently resting at home.

Another person was assessed for smoke inhalation and also conveyed to Sengkang General Hospital.

A third person was also assessed for smoke inhalation but declined to be sent to hospital.

No other injuries were reported.

Damping down operations were subsequently carried out at the site of both blazes.

Top left photo by Mothership reader, right photo via SCDF