Woman in KL tussles with security while trying to get photo with HK actor Kenneth Ma

She eventually managed to take a picture with him.

Seri Mazliana | March 05, 2024, 02:55 PM



A woman in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia tussled with security officers for a photo with Hong Kong actor, Kenneth Ma at The Exchange TRX mall on Mar. 2.

In a video shared on Xiaohongshu on Mar. 2, a woman in pink shirt is seen following the actor closely and walking ahead of him.

Ma was at the mall for the opening of fashion brand G2000's new outlet, along with another Hong Kong actor, Karl Ting.

They were joined by fans who were looking on and taking pictures.

The woman was seen holding a mobile phone and getting stopped by the security personnel escorting Ma. They held on to her arm while she struggled to get away from them.

A longer video shared on Facebook on Mar. 4 showed her standing outside the G2000 outlet with the security officers surrounding her.

Screenshot via Facebook.

She was later seen being consoled by the host of the event.

Screenshot via Facebook.

She eventually managed to take a picture with the two actors and posted it on her Xiaohongshu account on Mar. 3.

In her post, she wrote that she was excited to see the actors and had been waiting a long time for Kenneth Ma to come to Malaysia.

Photo via Chen Weiqi 97/Xiaohongshu.

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