Titus Low & ex-wife in kerfuffle over 'co-parenting' arrangements for their daughter

Oh no.

Lee Wei Lin | March 01, 2024, 10:57 AM



Former couple Titus Low, 23, and Cheryl Chin, 22, aren't seeing eye-to-eye about "co-parenting" arrangements for their daughter.

What they said on Instagram

Low posted what seemed like screenshots of conversations with Chin, which involved their daughter Elleria, who will be turning one year old soon.

In them, Chin apparently said that she will not be inviting Low to something she has planned for Elleria on Mar. 9 — likely to be the toddler's first birthday party.

Chin apparently typed: "I felt like we should keep our lives complete[ly] separate from now on and I don't think co-parenting for us can go anywhere further than this".

In the screenshots, Chin added that Low has "not paid a single thing or done anything", saying that she will "just now allow [him] to meet her" if he "refuse[s] to respect [her] wishes".

Screenshot from Titus Low's Instagram

Chin has not publicly responded to Low at the time of writing.

However, a friend of Chin's wrote that Low is a "literal stranger" to Elleria, and does not have a "genuine connection" with the child.

In her Instagram Stories, Chin's friend also alleged that Low is unwilling to provide more than S$500 a month for Elleria's expenses, despite making "five figures" monthly.

Low posted a follow-up, again on Feb. 27, saying that he is "not one to usually share dirty laundry online but things have gotten way out of hand for the past couple of months".

He claimed that he has seen Elleria twice a month for meals for the past three months, and feels like he has been denied his "basic parental rights".

What they told us

Speaking to Mothership, Low said he has been "providing financially since the start, but not since Cheryl moved out and decided to get a place on her own".

He alleged he once drove to Chin's home in Malaysia to see Elleria, but was "denied bringing her out".

He has since engaged a lawyer, and says he "hope[s] to be able to spend more time caring for [Elleria]", as he "barely get[s] to see her" now.

Meanwhile, Chin maintained:

"My main focus and obligation lie[s] with safeguarding the well-being and mental tranquility of my daughter.

It is my firm belief that she should not be embroiled in any public contention, and thus, I am committed to ensuring I do my very best to provide, educate and also ensure she grows up in the best environment possible."

She added that it is "sad to see" that Low shared "screenshots of private conversations [and] only chose parts he would like the public to see".


The former couple announced that they were married in June 2022.

Their daughter was born in March 2023.

They confirmed that they were going their separate ways in November 2023.

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