Man, 91, sells fruits at Rochor for over 60 years, only rests when rain gets too heavy

You can buy durians from him.

Zhangxin Zheng | March 02, 2024, 06:35 PM



A 91-year-old hawker has been selling fruits along Albert Street and Short Street for over 60 years.

Speaking to Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao (Zaobao), the nonagenarian's daughter said that this is his way of active aging.

His daughter, 68, said that they live nearby and she will wheel her father, Zhang Wen De (transliteration), over to open his stall daily. She has been helping her father out at the stall since she retired 16 years ago.

She added that he prefers to pass the time at the stall, rather than take part in community activities.

Only rests when it rains

Zhang usually opens his stall at around 11am and only closes at 10pm. He only takes breaks during rainy season when the rain gets too heavy for him to open the stall.

When he was younger, he would work even longer hours, opening the stall till midnight to support the family as the sole breadwinner.

While Zhang has some hearing difficulties due to old age, he's friendly and skilful.

On a visit to the stall, the Zaobao reporter watched him pry open the durians, retrieve the flesh, and pack them into the container with ease.

Many regulars continue to patronise Zhang's stall as they are moved by his perseverance, Zaobao noted.

Regulars are typically people who live around the area or get to know this stall by word of mouth.

Top image by Lianhe Zaobao