Couple finds small needle embedded in taro ball at Tanjong Pagar dessert shop, shop apologises


Ruth Chai | March 29, 2024, 02:14 PM



A couple who patronised a Chinese dessert shop at Tanjong Pagar were shocked to find a small needle embedded in a mini taro ball while digging into their food.

The couple took to Facebook group Complaint Singapore to share their experience on Mar. 27.

Photo via Jenn Chen/Facebook

Facebook user Jenn Chen wrote that she and her husband had dined at Beans.Factory at 100 AM Mall, located at Tras Street.

Beans.Factory is a dessert chain from Malaysia which specialises in beancurd desserts.

Photo via Jenn Chen/Facebook

The couple ordered a bowl with what appeared to be beancurd, mini taro balls, large taro balls and taro paste.

Photo via Jenn Chen/Facebook

Midway through eating, Chen said her husband noticed a sharp needle partially sticking out of a mini taro ball.

"Luckily, he didn't swallow it, or we would've been in big trouble," she wrote.

She then notified the shop's staff about the matter, and they apparently offered the couple another bowl of dessert.

However, the couple were too "freaked out" by the incident, and Chen said they opted for takeaway instead.

Commenters outraged

Many commenters expressed outrage at the incident, and urged the the couple to report the matter to the authorities.

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Another commenter chimed in and speculated that it was a manufacturing defect, opining that the store shouldn't bear full responsibility for the incident.

Photo via Facebook

Shop released statement

Beans.Factory subsequently issued an official statement on their Facebook page apologising for the incident.

The dessert shop did not directly reference Chen's Facebook post or provide any specificities about what happened, only referring vaguely to "the incident that occurred on 26 March 2024" at 100 AM Mall.

"Ensuring a safe dining experience for our customers is paramount to us and we sincerely apologise for any concern this may have caused," they wrote.

The shop added that they immediately stopped selling the "contaminated ingredient" across all outlets, and are "reviewing this matter" with their supplier.

"In addition, we will enhance our quality control protocols and implement supplementary procedures in our food preparation processes," Beans.Factory stated.

The shop said it has reached out to Chen to apologise.

"We appreciate the continued support and understanding of our valued patrons as we work diligently to regain their trust."

Top photo via Jenn Chen/Facebook