McDonald's at Raffles City closes down, Italian restaurant taking over premises


Ashley Tan | March 06, 2024, 04:23 PM



UPDATE on Mar. 8 at 2:30pm: This article was updated with a statement from McDonald's.

The McDonald's outlet at Raffles City in City Hall is no more.


The outlet's last day of operations was on Feb. 29, according to several Facebook tribute posts dedicated to its closure.

A wall of photos that captured staffs' and guests' fond memories was set up to commemorate the fast food outlet's closure.

According to the display, the Raffles City outlet has been around since 2009.

Photo from Joanne Lee / FB

Google Maps also stated that the outlet is permanently closed.

According to a Mothership reader, the space has already been boarded up, and an Italian restaurant, Casa Vostra, will be taking over in the second half of 2024.

Photo by Nigel Chua

In response to Mothership's queries, McDonald's said: "We would have loved to continue our presence at Raffles City, having had the pleasure and privilege of serving our customers for 14 years."

To mark the closure, a "rousing closing party" was organised to thank McDonald's fans for the memories together.

"Our nearby McDonald’s Funan and Marina Square restaurants continue to warmly welcome our customers to enjoy their favourites with us," it added.

Top photo from Matthew Chia / Google Maps and Nigel Chua