K-pop singer Doh Kyungsoo to perform in S'pore on Sep. 28, 2024

His first solo fan concert.

Wong Li Jie | March 25, 2024, 02:09 PM



South Korean singer and actor Doh Kyungsoo is performing in Singapore on Sep. 28.

The concert is part of his 2024 Asian concert tour, titled "Bloom," which will debut in Seoul and have other stops like Tokyo, Bangkok and Malaysia.

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"Bloom" - Doh's first solo fan concert tour - will have stops in 11 Asian cities.

Further ticketing details have yet to be announced.

Recently announced fan club

As part of fan engagement efforts, Doh's official fan club was earlier launched on Mar. 8 by entertainment agency Company Soosoo.

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Registration to join the club took place from Mar. 11 to 22.

According to Company Soosoo, there will be priority access for Doh's official events given to registered fan club members.

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