Bedok residents build makeshift memorial for community cat, Moo Moo, suspected to have died from cancer

RIP, Moo Moo.

Amber Tay | March 29, 2024, 12:37 PM



A black and white community cat in Bedok, affectionately named Moo Moo, passed away on Mar. 1, 2024, and residents have since created a memorial with plenty of tributes in the form of handwritten notes.

The cat was suspected to have late-stage cancer in his kidney in late February and passed away peacefully soon after.

To some, the beloved cat also went by the name of Zeku or Oreo.

Image via @lyttlespace/Instagram

Moo Moo passed away from suspected cancer

In a comment thread under a Facebook post honouring his death, a user who identified himself as the husband of one of Moo Moo's feeders said the cat had "been faring poorly health-wise since start of the year."

He added that a community member brought Moo Moo to the vet after it looked visibly unwell.

The vet staff ran some preliminary tests on Moo Moo and suspected the cat was dealing with late stage cancer in the kidney.

"He passed away peacefully on the second night at the vet clinic," the user said.

An Instagram post published by art studio Lyttle Space said: "We...thought he was at the vet for cat flu, but didn’t knew it was something more serious like suspected cancer."

"His tiny body has shrunk over the past three weeks as he had no appetite. Before more tests could be run on him, his body gave up and he never woke up on Mar. 1, 2024."

A makeshift memorial

LyttleSpace, located at 158 Bedok South Avenue 3, set up a makeshift memorial for residents to remember Moo Moo by.

One poster that was set up noted how Moo Moo had first wandered into the studio one and a half years ago, but has since become "a part of the family".

In its Instagram post, the studio also mentioned how children who came for art classes loved Moo Moo.

"We’ve seen countless faces, both familiar and new giving the biggest smile at this furball. Stopping by to take a picture, or give him rubs."

Image via @lyttlespace/Instagram

Image via @lyttlespace/Instagram

In the days following the cat's passing, numerous handwritten messages were left at the memorial site, many expressing love for the community cat, as well as saying good-bye.

Image via Anonymous participant/Facebook

Netizens expressed condolences and shared fond memories

Netizens expressed their condolences at Moo Moo's passing online, and shared the fond memories they had with the community cat.

"Too shocked to the news. I am very sad for the lost, not only for LyttleSpace but for so many kids," a user wrote. "However, Moo Moo had a wonderful life indeed and he would be missed for sure."

Image via @lyttlespace/Instagram

"I remember the cat is so so friendly and let people pet him so easily," one user reminisced. "Feeling sad thinking about those memories."

Another user, who said they called the community cat Zeku, said: "He is responsive & actually sits when you ask him to. He is the goodest boy ever. Run free, baby boy. We will miss you. Thank you for leaving paw prints in our hearts."

Top image via Anonymous participant/Facebook and @lyttlespace/Instagram