Zouk S'pore debunks YouTuber's claims of sneaking in while masquerading as Justin Bieber's cousin


Lee Wei Lin | February 04, 2024, 07:33 PM



Another establishment has stepped forward to debunk a YouTuber's claims of sneaking into their premises for free.

The YouTuber, who goes by Pete Z, claimed in a Feb. 4 video titled "I Went Undercover To Get a FREE Vacation" that he got into Zouk for free.

In his video, he said: "I'm about to sneak into Singapore's most famous club, where only celebrities get to go. And the likelihood of us getting in is a low chance."

Tickets to Zouk are available online and at the door to the general public, with general admission tickets priced from S$20.

The YouTuber told Zouk staff that he is, among other things, "Justin Bieber's long-lost cousin" and "Taylor Swift's accountant", and said that he was on the guest list.

Zouk told Mothership that at one point in the video, the YouTuber was at the ticketing counter, and that the stamp he received was one for a paid ticket.

They added that the piece of paper he was holding is one that is issued to those who purchase a ticket.

Screenshot from Pete Z's YouTube channel

They added that those on the guest list "do not need to go through the same process as he did", and that special guests "will be welcomed and accompanied by [Zouk's] VIP team into the venue".

In addition, those on the guest list are issued wristbands.


Top photos by Mayo via Google & Pete Z's YouTube channel