'SPCA come already': Woman confronts man who left dog tied up in the sun outside Jurong West coffeeshop

The dog had been there for an hour in the sun and was not in its owner's sight.

Ilyda Chua | February 05, 2024, 03:59 PM



A woman in Singapore came to the rescue of a dog who was left in the sun outside a coffeeshop in Jurong West.

The woman, who goes by the name Julie Chong on Facebook, posted about her encounter in the group Sayang Our Singapore's Community Cats.

Under the hot sun

In a video she posted, the dog was seen tied to a bollard at the roadside.

The area appeared to be unshaded.

Photo from Chong/Facebook

Approaching the coffeeshop staff, Chong asked: "Whose dog is this? Whose dog?"

The coffeeshop staff then called for the dog's owner.

Photo from Chong/Facebook

Chong reprimanded the dog's owner for leaving the dog out in the sun on such a short leash.

"Sir, cannot, 不可以的 (you can't do that)!...SPCA come already you know!"

She pointed to her phone to show that she was in contact with the SPCA.

The man was then seen untying the dog from the bollard.

He later brought his dog to a sheltered area, Chong told Mothership.

Photo from Chong/Facebook

In the post, Chong wrote:

"If you want to have lunch, then ensure the safety of your dog la.

The best I can do since I cannot rescue dogs."

She noted in the comments section that the dog had been there for an hour in the sun, and was not in its owner's sight.

Didn't actually call SPCA

Speaking to Mothership, Chong admitted that she did not actually call the SPCA, as she knows they are "overwhelmed".

She added that she does not blame the coffeeshop staff as they had not noticed that the dog was tied out there in the sun.

"They are very supportive because I had helped them with cats abandoned near coffeeshop also," said Chong, who is a cat rescuer in the community.

Top image from Julie Chong/Facebook