UOB staff bow & bid farewell to Wee Cho Yaw's cortege at UOB Plaza Atrium

A mark of respect.

Joshua Lee | February 07, 2024, 06:31 PM


UOB employees, management, and the public bade farewell to the late Wee Cho Yaw on Feb. 7.

UOB Group said "hundreds" turned up at the UOB Plaza Atrium for a memorial ceremony to honour Wee, who held the positions of chairman emeritus and honourary advisor to the banking group before he passed away on Feb. 3 at the age of 95.

UOB Group said that "hundreds" turned up at the UOB Plaza Atrium for the memorial ceremony. Photo courtesy of UOB.

The crowd at UOB Plaza Atrium. Photo courtesy of Mothership reader Kitty.

Present at the memorial ceremony were Wee's children Wee Wei Ling, Wee Ee Cheong, Wee Ee Chao, Wee Wei Chi, and Wee Ee Lim.

The tribute to Wee. Photo courtesy of Mothership reader Kitty.

The cortege arrived at the UOB Plaza Atrium shortly after 3pm.

As a mark of respect, UOB employees observed a minute of silence during the memorial.

UOB Group added that "thousands of people", comprising UOB employees, clients, political, community and business leaders, as well as the public, paid their respects to the banking titan at his wake held at Woodlands Memorial over the last few days.

Top left photo by UOB, right photo by Mothership reader Kitty