Tengah resident complains of mosquito problem, claims 6-month-old baby suffered face full of welts

Other residents voiced concerns about stagnant water at construction sites in the estate.

Daniel Seow | February 18, 2024, 02:45 PM



Residents of Tengah, Singapore's newest eco-town, have raised concerns about a new bugbear — mosquitoes in the estate.

A resident surnamed Zhang, told Shin Min Daily News (Shin Min) in a Feb. 17 report that since moving in last December, her whole family has been bitten by mosquitoes on a near-daily basis.

Recently, she woke up to find her six-month-old baby daughter wailing with her face covered in mosquito bites.

In response to Shin Min's enquiries, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said that mosquito control measures are carried out twice a week, and no mosquito breeding sites were found in a Feb. 8 inspection.

Her complaints

Zhang's mother, who stays with her in the new Plantation Grange BTO project at 133B Tengah Garden Ave, said that due to the ongoing construction projects nearby, the family has kept the windows closed most of the time.

However, she faces a dilemma about this decision.

"If we don't open the windows, we don't get proper ventilation, but if we do, we just get a swarm of mosquitoes. We're miserable," she shared.

Turning on the air-conditioning with an air purifier at night has also affected the breathing of Zhang's baby, and caused her to have a stuffy nose, she added.

Thus, once in a while, they would open the windows at night and brave the invading mozzies.

However, a few days ago, the family woke up to find the baby crying uncontrollably, her face marked with six red welts.

Image from Shin Min Daily News.

This caused the family no small amount of distress.

Zhang has since bought a variety of anti-mosquito products, including some from a baby specialty store.

But even though her daughter's welts eventually subsided with no other symptoms, Zhang feels the mosquito situation is concerning, and hopes the authorities will do something about it.

Stagnant water in construction sites

Zhang isn't the only one to voice such concerns.

Since October 2023, pictures of stagnant water in Tengah construction sites have been periodically circulated in a Telegram group for residents.

Image from Tengah BTO / Telegram.

Image from Tengah BTO / Telegram.

Image from Tengah BTO / Telegram.

These attracted comments about mosquitoes or possible dengue outbreaks in the estate.

Screenshot of comment from Tengah BTO / Telegram.

Screenshot of comment from Tengah BTO / Telegram.

Another user claimed that mosquitoes are common in Tengah at night, and recommended that one close the windows or install mosquito netting.

No mosquito breeding sites found: NEA

NEA told Shin Min that the agency had received multiple complaints since last December, and said that anti-mosquito measures such as fumigation will be carried out twice a week.

Chua Chu Kang Town Council also told Shin Min that they will be conducting additional mosquito control measures near Blocks 133B and 133C until construction works there are completed.

Nevertheless, NEA said that it did not find any mosquito breeding sites during a joint inspection on Feb. 8, 2024.

The authorities will continue to monitor the situation closely.

Other concerns about Tengah:

Top image from Tengah BTO / Telegram & Shin Min Daily News.