Driver of S'pore-registered car swings golf club at other car on Johor highway, M'sia police investigating

This was after the other man hit his windscreen.

Khine Zin Htet | February 11, 2024, 03:49 PM



The driver of a Singapore-registered car used a golf club to smash the rear window of another car on a Malaysian highway in an apparent fit of rage on the first day of Chinese New Year.

The footage of the incident was captured by the dashcam of the vehicle behind and made its rounds online.

In a statement on Feb. 10, 2024, the Malaysian police stated that they are currently looking for the man.

What happened

In the video, the Singapore-registered red Mitsubishi car can be seen reversing and swerving to the right as two men stood outside the driver's door.

Gif via Facebook/Complaint Singapore

As the car nearly hit them, one of the men — wearing a white shirt, used his fist to hit the windscreen of the red car.

As he walked away, the red car driver came out with what appeared to be a golf club.

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He ran forward and swung the club towards the rear window of the Malaysia-registered black Toyota car in front.

Despite the two men running to stop him, he managed to damage the window.

Gif via Facebook/Complaint Singapore

The two men continued to push him further away from their car and the altercation continued as more people came out of the red and black car respectively to join in.

Gif via Facebook/Complaint Singapore

The damage done to the black car was visible as the dashcam car drove forward and passed the group.

Malaysian police looking for red car driver

In their statement, the Muar District Police said that the incident occurred on Feb. 10 at approximately 1:58pm on the North-South Expressway in Pagoh, Johor.

They wrote that a local driver on his journey to Kuala Lumpur saw a red Mitsubishi Lancer driven by the suspect using the emergency lane and blocked the car.

"As a result of that action, a verbal argument occurred, and the suspect knocked on the windows of the local man's car with a club and left the scene."

The case is being investigated under Section 427 of the Malaysian penal code, where "whoever commits mischief and thereby causes loss or damage to the amount of 25 ringgit (S$7) or upwards", may be punished with two years' imprisonment or a fine or both.

It is also being investigated under Section 233 of Malaysia’s Communications and Multimedia Act and Section 53(1) of the Road Transport Act 1959.

The Malaysian police are looking for the driver of the red Mitsubishi car to assist with the investigation.

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