Police investigating 2 events related to Israel-Hamas conflict that were held in S'pore

Police warned against organising or participating in a public assembly or procession without a permit.

Hannah Martens | February 14, 2024, 12:29 PM



The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is investigating two separate events related to the Israel-Hamas conflict that were held in Singapore.

The SPF received several reports about both events which were held on Feb. 2, 2024.

In response to media queries on Feb. 13, the SPF also confirmed that they were aware of calls to protest against Israel at the upcoming Singapore Airshow, by gathering for a sit-in and pasting stickers regarding the conflict.

Possible offences at two separate events

March to Istana

One of the Feb. 2 events that the police are investigating is a march involving 70 people.

The group assembled along Orchard Road and marched towards the Istana at around 2pm.

The participants carried umbrellas with watermelon images, a symbol of Palestinian resistance and solidarity, to display their support for the Palestinian cause.

According to posts online, the group gathered at Plaza Singapura and walked to the Istana to deliver 70 letters for Palestine to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

As the Istana is a security-sensitive area and is designated as a Prohibited Area under the Public Order (Prohibited Areas) Order 2009, the participants may have committed an offence for organising a public assembly without a permit.

The SPF added that the public lodged several police reports against this march.

"Furthermore, their actions advocate the political causes of other countries and have the potential to stir up tensions and lead to public disorder," the SPF added.

Private event that was livestreamed with participants chanting

The SPF is also investigating a private event held on Feb. 2 at about 7:30pm.

A video of the event was posted online. The police said they received reports from the public about the video.

In the video, a subject was seen livestreaming publicly and chanting, "from the river to the sea," and others chanting, "Palestine will be free" in response.

According to SPF, the phrase "from the river to the sea" is associated with calls for the destruction of the state of Israel.

"The use of such phrases can lead to racial tensions in our society...We must also not condone calls for violence," the SPF said.

A reminder

The police reminded the public that organising or participating in a public assembly or procession without a permit is illegal and an offence under the Public Order Act 2009.

The police also stated it would not grant any permits for public assemblies or processions that advocate the political causes of other countries or foreign entities or have the risk of leading to public disorder.

"The measures in place to regulate public protests have allowed the government to uphold public order and ensure a peaceful and stable society.

We hope that Singaporeans will understand this, and respect this policy and our laws."

The police also reminded that affixing any posters, placards or other documents, including stickers, on any properties without permission is an offence under the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act 1906.

The SPF urged the public to engage in responsible and respectful discussion on the topic of the Israel-Hamas conflict, online or otherwise. Members of the public should avoid making insensitive or offensive remarks that advocate the political causes of other countries or foreign entities and instigating or participating in illegal assemblies and marches.

"If we do not conduct ourselves in a responsible manner over this conflict, it can very easily destroy the precious racial and religious harmony we have in Singapore."

Top photos via sgforpalestine/Instagram