US shop somehow obtains S'pore army No. 4 uniform, selling 1 set for S$275

Can't even pay with credits.

Nigel Chua | February 05, 2024, 05:36 PM



An online shop selling military surplus equipment and uniforms has gotten its hands on gear from all over the world, including the Singapore Army's No. 4 uniform.

Among the items Americana Pipedream says it looks out for: "Any camouflage patterns not commonly available in the United States" — which presumably includes the Number 4 uniform that's familiar to Every Singaporean Son.

Here's the No. 4 top on sale for US$109.11 (S$146.67).

Various sizes available, from Small to XXL. Screenshot via Americana Pipedream.

Completing the set, here are the No. 4 trousers on sale for US$95.47 (S$128.33).

Various sizes available, from 28 to 41. Screenshot via Americana Pipedream.

That's a cool US$204.58 (S$275) for the set.

The online shop, Americana Pipedream, advertised the Number 4 uniform on its TikTok account, as part of a TikTok video on its offerings from Asian countries, such as South Korea and Indonesia.

"Small people rejoice!" said the shop in its caption.

The video provided a glimpse into their apparently very healthy stock of Singapore uniforms:

Screenshot via Americana Pipedream.

Laws on use and disposal of Singapore uniforms

Under Singapore's Decorations and Uniforms Act, it is an offence for any unauthorised person to be using or wearing any uniform or part of a uniform of the naval, military, air or police forces.

However, there are exceptions to the rule for "any bona fide theatrical or similar performance".

According to the website, used equipment can be returned to any Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) eMart outlet or the Army Logistics Base.

You can also dispose it on your own, "as long as it does not result in the unauthorised usage of your equipment by other persons".

The website advises one to cut their SAF uniforms and SAF helmet liner suspension assemblies and retention straps into small pieces, and remove all tags with the label "Property of SAF" before discarding them into waste bins.

Non-compliance with the instructions may amount to an offence, and result in disciplinary action.

Compared to U.S. MARPAT

In the listings on its online shop, Americana Pipedream referred to the camouflage print on the Singapore uniforms as "a copy" of the MARPAT print used by the U.S. military.

On TikTok, they noted that the two uniforms are "a tad bit different", however.

The pixelated design currently used on Singapore's uniforms dates back to 2008, when it was introduced for the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF).

The SAF and the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) developed the uniform together, conducting "extensive studies and field trials" on its effectiveness.

This was according to the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) in a July 2012 Facebook note that quoted Chia Choon Hoong, then a Brigadier General, who was also the Commander of the 9th Singapore Division and the Chief Infantry Officer at the time.

Chia said:

"The shape, pattern and colours of the pixelised patterns were designed for specific operating environments. For example, the Army’s green pixelised pattern is optimised for a vegetated environment while the Air Force’s and Navy's greyish-blue pixelised patterns are designed to blend into air base installations and on board ships, respectively."

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Top image via Americana Pipedream's TikTok and website