Another S'pore car confronted in M'sia for pumping subsidised RON95 petrol

A confrontation ensued.

Belmont Lay | February 06, 2024, 12:10 PM



Another Singapore-registered car was caught pumping subsidised RON95 petrol in Malaysia, attracting the ire of a local who spotted the act.

The incident took place on Feb. 5 at a Petron petrol station.

A video, shot by a Malaysian, was put up on Facebook.

What video showed

The video started with the local pulling into the petrol station and spotting the Singapore-registered vehicle, a Hyundai Ioniq, utilising the yellow RON95 nozzle to pump petrol.

He proceeded to engage with the man standing beside the Singapore-registered car and asking why was he pumping subsidised petrol reserved to Malaysia-registered vehicles.

The man who was accosted appeared confused initially, but his demeanour turned apologetic.

A woman who was with him then claimed she is a Malaysian, which entitled her to pumping RON95 petrol.

The local then told her this was not allowed: "You go put back now. This is my country, bro. You cannot do like that to my country, you know?"

He then told the pump attendant about the issue.

The two-minute exchange ended with the woman reasoning that she is from Malaysia, but the person filming saying that the vehicle was still Singapore-registered and not entitled to RON95 petrol.

The woman also questioned why the exchange was being filmed.

Another incident a few days ago

Prior to this incident, another Singapore-registered car was seen in Malaysia pumping RON95 petrol.

Photos of the car were shared online.


One commenter pointed out the irony in the fact that Singapore car owners could afford to buy cars and even pay for a Certificate of Entitlement (COE), but seemed to have issues paying for petrol.

RON95 for Malaysia-registered vehicles only

RON95, currently at RM2.05 (S$0.58) per litre, is heavily subsidised by the Malaysian government.

It is the cheapest grade of petrol in the country.

Typically reserved for Malaysians, the sale of RON95 petrol to foreign-registered vehicles has been prohibited since August 2010.

Foreign-registered vehicles can refuel with RON97 or RON100 instead.

RON97 costs RM3.47 or S$0.98 per litre as of the time of writing.

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Top photo via Singapore Road Vigilante