Rats seen in Délifrance at KK Women's & Children's Hospital


Seri Mazliana | February 06, 2024, 01:27 PM



At least two rats were seen on the premises of the Délifrance eatery in KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) in the wee hours of Feb. 5, 2024.

Dominic Quek, the person who spotted the rodents, told Mothership that he saw the critters on two separate occasions in one night.

"I’m raising awareness so the issue can be addressed quickly," he said.

He said he was worried that customers and those who are vulnerable, such as the seriously ill and pregnant, could be affected.

Quek said he has since reported the matter to OneService, a platform for feedback on municipal issues without having to figure out which government agency or town council to contact.

Two sightings in one night

According to him, he saw the first rodent at 12:52am, when returning to the delivery suite after buying beverages from the FairPrice supermarket in KKH.

A rodent was seen running into the dining area within the Délifrance outlet.

It went out of sight when he took out his phone.

Subsequently, on the same night, he saw a rat running into SF Farm Mart at about 3:51am when returning to the delivery suite after buying some food.

SF Farm Mart is a shop selling fruits and juices, and is located opposite the Délifrance outlet.

Quek added that a few seconds later, he spotted a rat running towards Délifrance and climbing into a hole below the cabinet.

Shortly after, the rat at SF Farm Mart ran back into Délifrance.

This time, it was seen in between the wall and a baby chair.

Quek took the opportunity to capture a photo and observed that the rodent was half the size of the previous one he saw.

Image courtesy of Dominic Quek

He said it eventually twisted itself back into the hole.

While it was trying to enter the hole, Quek managed to record a video of the rat’s tail.

More pest control measures implemented

In response to Mothership's queries, a Délifrance spokesperson said monthly routine inspections are conducted with pest control contracts in place.

They added that the business has been tackling the issue closely with KKH's management since November 2023.

"With the construction around the building and renovation of the foodcourt opposite, it has been difficult for an open concept like ours," they said, explaining that there are no facade walls or glass on the premises.

The spokesperson added that Délifrance contacted its pest control company to do a thorough check and assured that there is no nesting within the KKH outlet.

"Nonetheless, we will continue our best efforts to keep and maintain our hygiene standards," the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that it has also informed KKH about this incident and are committed to working together to solve this issue.

Mothership has reached out to SF Farm Mart for comment.

Top photos from Délifrance/Instagram & Dominic Quek