Pomeranian rescued from Bendemeer HDB flat after spending years on poop-caked floor

"We can't even begin to imagine how someone could live with that stench," HOPE Dog Rescue said.

Ashley Tan | February 21, 2024, 07:16 PM



Two weeks after rescuing a dog with matted fur chained to the gate of a Choa Chu Kang HDB flat, HOPE Dog Rescue discovered yet another dog living in poor conditions.

The animal welfare group said in a blogpost that it had heard news of a neglected male Pomeranian at a flat in Bendemeer from an acquaintance who is a housing agent.

The acquaintance had visited the flat for viewing, and came across the "dejected dog" lying in a filthy enclosure.

Photos and videos show the dog inside a small fenced up space, the floor within the enclosure caked with what the group said was the dog's faeces.

Photo from HOPE Dog Rescue

The enclosure was empty save for the dog's food and water bowls.

Video from HOPE Dog Rescue

"We can't even begin to imagine how someone could live with that stench," HOPE Dog Rescue said.

Dog went through several owners

The dog had passed through the hands of various owners.

Its first owner died, and it was then passed to the man's son, who later died when he was in his 50s.

The dog was subsequently passed along to another family member to care for.

However, the current owner "wasn't into dogs", HOPE Dog Rescue said, and "did the minimal".

While the dog was fed daily, its enclosure was not cleaned, and it apparently spent the past five years under its current owner in these conditions.

Videos that HOPE Dog Rescue filmed of the flat showed that it was in a cluttered state of disarray as well.

Photo from HOPE Dog Rescue

Brought to the vet

The dog's owner eventually agreed to relinquish ownership of the dog to HOPE Dog Rescue.

When the group visited the man's house, they detected the strong smell of antiseptic, and claimed the man had mopped the entire house with disinfectant liquid.

Volunteers managed to bring the dog to a veterinarian, and it was found to be suffering from a variety of injuries.

Photo from HOPE Dog Rescue

"The dog was so, so smelly, and his fur was so badly matted that we imagined the vet clinic was going to take another few hours to shave him and discard their shavers again," the group opined.

As the dog was not sterilised, its testicles were hard, swollen and painful. It had discharge leaking from its ears, and the mats of its fur were peeling off its skin.

Photo from HOPE Dog Rescue

Photo from HOPE Dog Rescue

Photo from HOPE Dog Rescue

The group has since renamed the dog Archie.

Archie is estimated to be around 10 years old, the group told Mothership.

Here he is a changed dog after sterilisation, and a good clean and shave.

Photo from HOPE Dog Rescue

Archie is currently residing with a fosterer.

If you would like to give Archie a forever home, or contribute to his vet bills, you can email [email protected] or drop them a direct message via their social media accounts.

Top photo from HOPE Dog Rescue