MBS refutes YouTuber's claims of sneaking into hotel & staying for free, confirms he paid for his room


Lee Wei Lin | February 03, 2024, 06:08 PM



A YouTuber who goes by Pete Z shared a video on Feb. 2 titled "I Stole a $100,000 Luxury Vacation" on Feb. 2.

In it, he appears to have used the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) infinity pool, dined at LAVO, and spent time inside one of their hotel rooms — all without paying for it.

He appears to have tailgated a hotel guest to gain entry to the infinity pool, charged his meal to a guest's room, and gained access to a hotel room by taking a key card which was left on a cleaning cart.

Speaking to Mothership, an MBS spokesperson has confirmed that the YouTuber was a "legitimate hotel guest" who had paid for his stay there.

They shared that records show the YouTuber had stayed at MBS on Jan. 11, 2024, and dined at LAVO on the same evening.

"As a legitimate hotel guest, he had access to the various areas of the hotel shown in the video, including the SkyPark and our Infinity Pool. He also paid for his meal at LAVO," they added.

Top photos from Pete Z's YouTube & Marina Bay Sands' Instagram