S'pore fans run across road in attempt to see NewJeans outside Nike Orchard

Please don't.

Lee Wei Lin | February 03, 2024, 12:31 PM



K-pop girl group NewJeans is having a closed-door appearance at the Nike flagship store, located along Orchard Road today (Feb. 3).

This will be the quintet's first appearance in Singapore.

Some fans who were unable to get a spot to see the group resorted to waiting behind the store to see them enter it.

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When the group arrived at about 11:30am, some fans ran across the road in an attempt to catch a glimpse of them walking into the store.

Photo by Fasiha Nazren

Some, who were standing near the Al-Falah mosque, ran across Bideford Road to try to get closer to the girl group.

Mothership observed that there was security present, reminding fans to stay off the road. However, the latter seemed too excited to pay heed.

Hundreds of fans have been waiting hours in front of the store under the sun in an attempt to see the group.

Photo by Lee Wei Lin

However, the first level of the store has been covered with hoarding.

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Top photos from NewJeans' Facebook page & by Fasiha Nazren