Woman in M'sia gets doxxed & told to 'go back to S'pore' after confrontation over noisy firecrackers

The woman has since filed a police report in Singapore.

Ruth Chai | February 13, 2024, 12:14 AM



A couple in Malaysia was confronted by their neighbours over the sound of firecrackers on Chinese New Year's Eve.

Even though the couple did not set off the firecrackers, the neighbours, who they said are from Singapore, threatened to call the police on them.

The neighbours also said their child's sleep was disrupted "five times" by the noise.

Since the post went viral, one of the neighbours has been identified and doxxed by members of the public.

She has since filed a police report after receiving harassing messages and threats.

What happened

On Feb. 9, Facebook user Omiko QiQi posted about the argument between her and her neighbours.

The original post has since been taken down.

The neighbours, a woman and her husband, clad in a grey shirt and a white shirt respectively, accused Omiko of setting off firecrackers.

Photo via Facebook video

Omiko, however, denied setting off the firecrackers.

The woman observed that Omiko's family had already brought out firecrackers and were planning on setting them off.

However, Omiko replied that they had not set the firecrackers off.

Instead, her child had been playing with bang snaps, which are coin-sized fireworks that make a crackling sound when thrown on the ground.

Photo via Facebook video

She claimed that the loud noise was coming from other neighbours further down the street.

The woman then said the noise from the firecrackers had woken up their child five times.

Omiko's family then reiterated that it was other residents who set off the firecrackers.

In the video, a man was heard saying: "We haven't even lit up the fireworks, why are you scolding us?"

The woman grudgingly offered an apology.

"Okay, sorry. It’s my fault. I’m just wondering if you guys were getting ready to set up the fireworks," she said.

Omiko added that the woman returned to her home after being told off by other neighbours.

"I bet they've never experienced a real Malaysian New Year celebration," Omiko wrote.

In subsequent updates, Omiko claimed she and her husband were called to the police station on Feb. 10 for questioning.

Woman doxxed in Facebook groups

Since the incident, the woman has received hateful messages on social media, and is being doxxed in Facebook groups with users from Malaysia.

Users have been posting screenshots of her and her husband’s Facebook accounts.

There are also screenshots appearing to show that they have sent her messages with abusive language.

Screenshot via Facebook

The woman's nationality has yet to be confirmed, but commenters — along with some Malaysian media — appear to have surmised that the woman hails from Singapore, with many commenting that she should "go back to Singapore".

Photo via Facebook

The woman has since reached out to Mothership, saying she was in a "provoked state" in the video and that she thinks she "should have approached it differently".

She said she is "going through very very difficult times" and facing a great deal of harassment.

She also said she has lodged a police report in Singapore.

Top photo via Facebook