Ukrainian-born Miss Japan gives up crown after affair with doctor revealed

She has since apologised.

Ilyda Chua | February 06, 2024, 11:28 AM



Ukrainian-born Karolina Shiino, the first naturalised Japanese citizen to win the Miss Japan beauty pageant, has given up her crown after Japanese media revealed that she was party to an affair.

Her profile has since been deleted from the pageant website.

Photo from Missnippon/website

Photo from Miss Nippon Association

Made headlines twice

Shiino, 26, whose parents are Ukrainian, caused a stir after being crowned Miss Japan on Jan. 22.

Japanese people questioned why someone without "a drop of Japanese blood" was selected to represent Japanese women.

She has since made headlines a second time after a report by Japanese magazine Shukan Bunshun revealed that she was dating a married doctor.

The pageant organisers initially rebutted the claim, saying that she was unaware he was married, The Japan Times reported.

"Miss Japan Association believes there was nothing wrong with Karolina Shiino," the website read.

However, on Feb. 5, the organisers said Shiino had dated him knowing that he was married, and that she had apologised for lying.

She had apparently continued the relationship after finding out his marital status.

The organisers issued a statement on the website revealing that they had accepted Shiino's offer to relinquish her title.

The position will remain vacant for the year.

Shiino subsequently issued a written apology on her Instagram page, saying that confusion and fear made it "impossible for [her] to speak the truth".

“I am truly sorry for the huge trouble I have caused and for betraying those who supported me,” she wrote.

Written apology. Photo from Shiino's Instagram

Grew up in Nagoya

Shiino and her family moved to Japan from Ukraine when she was five years old.

She grew up in Nagoya after her mother was remarried to a Japanese man.

In her tearful acceptance speech upon winning the title, she acknowledged her Ukrainian background and her identity struggle, Reutersreported.

Earlier, in September 2023, Shiino shared a post on her Instagram page announcing she was "officially Japanese".

Photo from Shiino's Instagram

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