Man, 33, throws cat & safe down 6 floors of HDB flat in drunken tantrum

The cat apparently managed to land on the ground and ran away.

Hannah Martens | February 22, 2024, 06:03 PM



After drinking at least 10 cans of beer, a 33-year-old man threw his pet cat and an empty safe down six floors out of a Whampoa flat on Mar. 17, 2022.

Nicholas Justice was subsequently arrested the next day, Shin Min Daily News reported.

Threw cat out the window

According to Shin Min, Justice returned home to his sixth-floor unit at Jalan Tenteram at 8:15pm on Mar. 17, 2022, after drinking at least 10 cans of beer.

He then rushed into his sister-in-law's room, who pretended to be asleep out of fear when she saw he was drunk.

He walked back out to the living and began shouting that he wanted to live on the ground floor of the HDB flat. His mother attempted to calm him down but failed.

Hearing the argument, Justice's sister-in-law peeked out of her room and saw him grab the pet cat and throw it out the kitchen window.

The cat fell six floors, and Justice's mother saw the cat manage to land on the ground and then ran away.

Threw safe out of the window

Justice continued to yell, complaining that he was the only person financially contributing to the family, before he entered a room and took out the family's safe.

He ordered his mother to open the safe before discarding the contents onto the floor. He then threw the 18kg safe out the window.

Justice continued to "demolish the house" and threw his own computer to the ground. He even went into his sister-in-law's room again and threw his brother's computer on the ground.

Neighbours heard the commotion and called the police, thinking it was a case of domestic violence.

Could have killed someone: Prosecution

Justice faced six charges, which included housebreaking, theft, and rash acts endangering the safety of others.

He pleaded guilty to three on Feb. 21, 2024, with others taken into consideration for sentencing.

Other than the incident at his flat, he stole a bicycle at an unnamed location and also stole S$1,090 and four cash registers from a coffee shop in separate incidents.

Shin Min reported that the prosecution said the safe thrown by Justice was heavy and hard, and if it hit someone, it could have caused death or severe injury.

He was sentenced to eight months and eight weeks in prison.

The judge told Nicholas to stop drinking, according to Shin Min.

Top photo via Shin Min Daily News