3 S'poreans, aged 16-23, competing in finals to join K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty

Making us proud.

Wong Li Jie | February 27, 2024, 06:39 PM



The final round of the Fifty-Fifty global audition draws near, after an in-person round of auditions for Singaporeans on Feb. 3, as well as an online audition period for international participants.

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The K-pop girl group is searching for next-generation members, after alleged contractual disputes have caused the band to be left with just one original member.

Among some 120 aspiring K-pop performers who auditioned in Singapore, three Singaporeans will be competing in the Mar. 2 final audition round, which will take place in Bangkok.

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Take a look at our Singaporean finalists:

Joye Cai, 16

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Kezia Tan, 23

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Magdalene Koh, 21

Who is unfortunately too shy to share her socials with us.

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Top photos from Joye Cai & Kezia Tan's respective Instagram accounts