Naturalised S'porean businessman, 59, first person to be served notice under foreign interference law

The 59 year old businessman first came to Singapore in 1990.

Tan Min-Wei | February 03, 2024, 03:52 PM

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The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) said on Feb. 2 that naturalised Singapore citizen Chan Man Ping Philip, a 59-year-old businessman, has been served notice that Singapore would be designating him a Politically Significant Person (PSP) under Singapore's Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Act (FICA).

First person

Chan, originally from Hong Kong, is the first person to be served such a notice by MHA.

According to a press release by MHA, Chan will be designated a PSP, under section 48(1) of FICA, which allows the targeting of hostile information campaigns waged by foreign actors.

The Straits Times reports that Chan's case falls under a provision to designate individuals as a PSP if the activities are directed to its political ends and it is in the public interest for the authorities to apply countermeasures under FICA.

Chan was served his notice on Feb. 2, and has 14 days to submit representations.

MHA said that the registrar assessed that Chan had shown susceptibility to be influenced by unnamed foreign actors, as well as a willingness to advance their interests.

The register also said that Chan’s activities were directed toward a political end in Singapore, therefore it was in the public interest for FICA countermeasures to be applied to Chan.

Chan told CNA that he intended to submit his representations in the upcoming week, adding that he had full trust and faith in the Singapore government.


FICA was passed in October 2021, and came into effect in December 2023.

It introduced countermeasures to prevent, detect, and disrupt foreign interference in Singapore's domestic policies whether through hostile information campaigns or local proxies, PSPs.

PSP is a class of organisations and individuals who are directly involved in Singapore’s political process, such as Members of Parliament, leaders of political parties, and election candidates.

FICA also allows for other individuals and organisations to be designated as PSPs, if they are engaged in activities with a political end in Singapore, and they are assessed by a competent authority that countermeasures be applied.

This would require PSPs to disclose any migration benefits they may have been granted by foreign governments, prohibiting them from accepting political donations from anonymous or foreign donors.


Chan is described on the website of real estate investment company Wen Way as being the managing director of Wen Way Investments Pte Ltd, C&H Properties Pte Ltd and Mutual Benefits Realty Pte Ltd.

"Wen Way Investments Pte Ltd’s main business focus is to make real estate investments in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Since its inception, the company has acquired S$200mil worth of commercial properties in Singapore," read the website.

C&H Properties was listed as having over 1,000 property agents in 2001; Mutual Benefits " has some 15 agents and is focused on serving high net-worth clients from China in their acquisition and investment in both high-end and mid-range properties in Singapore".

He is also president of Kowloon Club, an immigrant association in Singapore which serves and supports immigrants, mainly from Hong Kong.

Chan has spoken about his activities in the past.

In March of 2023 he gave an interview to, also known as Chinese Headline New Media, which appears to be a Chinese language, Argentina-based, media outlet catering to overseas Chinese.

He was identified as the president of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, as well as the president of the Kowloon Association.

He was pictured as an overseas representative of the National Committee of the Chinese People Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC),  as part of China's Two Sessions.

As described on its website the CPPCC’s members “serve as advisers for the government and legislative and judicial organs, and put forward proposals on major political and social issues”.

The interview he gave with the site said he had emigrated to Singapore 33 years ago in 1990.

He expressed his concern about Western media's biased coverage of China, saying that there was a need to organise and debunk fake news about China.

Chan said he would like to make a contribution to “telling the Chinese story Well”, a phrase used by China's president Xi Jinping when addressing China’s media.

Chan is active in Singapore civil society, serving as part of the resources, mobilisation, and partnerships committee of SPD, an NGO focused on helping people with disabilities; as well as being a patron of the Kampong Chai Chee Citizens Consultative Committee and the Bukit Timah Community Club Management committee.

According to CNA, he has stepped down from these positions.

He is also a contributor to Lianhe Zaobao, with CNA attributing 25 letters, commentaries, and other articles to him.

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Top image via Chan Man Ping Philip/Facebook