Delivery rider puts man's order on clothes rack, drink falls through & spills along corridor

To rub salt into the wound, the man later discovered that he had received the wrong order from the restaurant.

Ruth Chai | February 12, 2024, 10:00 PM



A delivery rider was caught on CCTV placing a man's order on his clothes rack along a HDB corridor, on top of laundry that had been hung out to dry.

This caused his teh tarik to fall through the clothing rack and spill all over the corridor.

Despite this, the food delivery driver walked away from the spillage.

To rub salt into the wound, the man realised that he had received the wrong order from the restaurant.

Caught driver on CCTV

Speaking to Mothership, the man, who wanted to be known as "A", said that he had ordered food via food delivery platform foodpanda on Feb. 9 at around 12:35pm.

He had ordered from Al-Amin Food Paradise's Holland Village outlet. His meal included two orders of nasi goreng, one mee goreng combo, and a teh tarik.

Photo via "A".

His order arrived at his house, located at Block 18 Ghim Moh Road, shortly after.

However, when he went to collect his order, he noticed that it had been placed on his clothes rack, and found his beverage spilled all over the floor.

Screenshot via video sent by "A".

CCTV footage revealed that the delivery rider, clad in a green shirt and jeans, had tried to balance the plastic bag containing his food on the clothing rack.

In the process, the drink slipped out from the bag and fell to the floor.

The driver then turned tail and walked off as the spilled drink spread across the corridor.

Could have placed the food elsewhere

"A" told Mothership that he was puzzled as to why the driver decided to place the order in such a precarious place.

He said that he had placed a hook on his gate for delivery orders.

Photo via "A".

He also added that he had placed a chair outside his house so that the driver would not have to place the order on the floor.

Photo via "A".

Wrong order

To rub salt into the wound, "A" realised that he had received the wrong order from the restaurant.

Instead of the mee goreng combo, "A" received another nasi goreng combo instead.

Received partial refund

"A" subsequently lodged a complaint to foodpanda after the ordeal, who provided him with a partial refund.

He was offered S$2 in compensation for the spilled drink, and S$10 compensation for the wrong order.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1080"]No description available. Photo via "A".[/caption]

"A" said that he felt disappointed and angry after the ordeal, but has decided not to hold a grudge.

Mothership has reached out to foodpanda for comment.

Top photo via "A"