Monitor lizard run over by bicycle at Gardens by the Bay, cyclists urged to slow down & be mindful of wildlife

Please be careful.

Seri Mazliana | February 15, 2024, 10:55 AM



A monitor lizard was run over by a bicycle at Gardens by the Bay on Feb. 11, as seen in a Reddit video posted online.

The Reddit user, Sulthan, told The Straits Times (ST) that he was taking a walk in the area at 11am when the incident occurred.

Moved onto path of two cyclists

The video he filmed initially showed the monitor lizard near a tree.

The lizard was observed moving away from the trees and bushes and onto the path.

Two oncoming cyclists were seen, but the first cyclist missed the lizard by a few metres.

The lizard however, ended up in the path of the second cyclist, who did not slow down and ended up running over the monitor lizard, briefly pinning it under its wheels.

The lizard was seen scrambling into the bushes at the other side of the path, and it is uncertain if it was injured.

Graphic content warning: Some readers may find the video below distressing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Gif via u/Trocher /Reddit

Sulthan added that the cyclist almost fell off his bicycle after running over the lizard. It is not clear if the man stopped to check on the lizard afterwards.

Some Reddit users criticised the cyclist for not slowing down or keeping left on the path, and for not paying attention to their surroundings.

Screenshot via Reddit

Screenshot via Reddit

Other users speculated about whether the monitor lizard would be able to recover from its potential injuries.

Screenshot via Reddit

Many Reddit users however, concluded that the cyclist should have reduced his speed.

Reduce speed and cycle safely

In response to Mothership's queries, a spokesperson from Gardens by the Bay said that this is an unfortunate incident that could have been avoided with considerate behaviour.

Gardens by the Bay urged cyclists to be vigilant, moderate their speed, and cycle safely to avoid harming wildlife and other users on the paths.

The spokesperson also said that there are speed bumps and signages in place to ensure cyclists regulate their speed.

There are also signages to educate users on local biodiversity and to remind them to keep a safe distance from wildlife and not to feed them.

According to the National Parks Board (NParks), monitor lizards are naturally shy and like most wild animals, will not attack unless provoked.

If members of the public encounter a monitor lizard, they should not be alarmed or attempt to touch, chase or corner it as it may attack in defence. They are advised to maintain a safe distance.

In the rare event of being bitten, one should seek medical attention immediately. Although monitor lizards do secrete venom, it is not fatal to humans.

The public can contact the NParks' Animal Response Centre via 1800-476-1600 for assistance.

Top photos via u/Trocher /Reddit