Illegally parked Toyota at Tai Seng industrial area couldn't drive off as wheel clamp worked as advertised

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Belmont Lay | January 29, 2024, 06:10 PM



An illegally parked car at Tai Seng Industrial Estate had its wheel clamped and the device worked as advertised, as it stopped the driver of the vehicle from driving off after he attempted to do so.

A video of the incident was posted on Facebook.

What happened

According to the video, the incident took place at the bidirectional road beside the industrial compound's Block 1010 canteen.

The video was apparently shot by a person who was seated at a table outside the canteen.

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The car, a Toyota, was parked on a continuous double yellow line, indicating that parking there along the road was not allowed.

The vehicle also had a notice stuck to its windscreen.

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Based on the footage, the driver and a fellow passenger were seen returning to the car to leave the area.

It was not clear if the pair were aware that the front right-hand side wheel of the car had been clamped.

At the start of the video, an enforcement officer could be seen taking a photo of the wheel-clamp Toyota.

Tai Seng Industrial Estate compound comes under the purview of JTC Corporation.

There are signs in the compound warning drivers not to park illegally.

A release fee, at the prevailing rate, applied, a sign showed.

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How situation ended

It appeared that after the driver failed to move his vehicle, he was aware his car had been clamped.

He could be seen in the footage examining the right front wheel that had been clamped.

The video ended by showing an enforcement officer attending to the driver.


Reactions to the video were generally supportive of the enforcement action taken against errant drivers who park illegally.

However, there were also comments suggesting the driver could have "just change to the spare tyre".

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