TikToker offers glimpse into SIA's A380 Suites, amazes Internet

*Cries in poor*

Ashley Tan | January 23, 2024, 02:56 PM



TikTok users were stunned after one content creator offered a glimpse into the high-flying life aboard Singapore Airlines (SIA).

The content creator, a Cambodian businessman called Tola Thorn, documents his experiences on TikTok as he travels around the world.

And one of his latest videos showcases a rare experience: The Singapore Airlines A380 Suites


The video opens with Thorn being offered a warm welcome by SIA cabin crew, who introduced themselves as they led him to his suite.

The suite has enough leg room to make most economy class passengers cry, as well as a pull out bed so one can actually get a good night's sleep during the flight.

Cabin crew were also filmed pouring Thorn some champagne.

@pitor.official Experiencing the epitome of luxury and impeccable service aboard Singapore Airlines' first class suite. An unforgettable journey on an extraordinary aircraft. ✈️🌟 #LuxuryTravel #FirstClassExperience #SingaporeAirlines #pitor ♬ original sound - Pitor

Thorn has since posted more videos on his SIA experience, describing the service as "impeccable".

The aforementioned clip in particular has gone viral, garnering 15.4 million views and 855,000 likes.

In the comments section, TikTok users were astounded by the sheer luxury of the suite.

Others were stunned by the size of the suite.

According to The Milelion, the size of each suite ranges from 35 to 54 sqft. Currently, they are only available on SIA's Airbus A380-800 aircraft.

A Suites ticket can cost over S$20,000.

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Top photo from pitor.official / TikTok