Foreigner in M'sia steams curry puffs after mistaking them for dumplings, says it's nice with vinegar

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Belmont Lay | January 12, 2024, 03:36 PM



What happens when you steam curry puffs meant for frying?

Well, one foreigner studying in Malaysia has found out and shared it with the rest of the internet.

Posting on Xiaohongshu, a photo of the steamed rubbery-looking curry puffs with one piece already half-eaten was accompanied by the caption: "Malaysia’s dumplings are filled with curry."

“(This is) what local dumplings look like. I steamed a few, and I was surprised that they tasted alright. However, the skin was quite thick.”

via Xiaohongshu

The photo of the half-eaten "dumpling" held up in between a pair of chopsticks revealed the contents to be yellow and mushy, a la curried stuffing.


However, many Malaysians and non-Malaysians who can recognise a curry puff — uncooked, fried or steamed — from a mile away were amused and aghast at the same time that a steamed version had materialised.

The student's post was soon flooded with responses, some sarcastic and others earnest.

via Xiaohongshu

One comment, which was meant to troll the student, read: “What are you doing? These dumplings should not be steamed. They should be used to prepare tong sui, just like how you prepare tangyuan in China.”

Another comment simply pointed out the correct way of preparing her dish.

The comment, accompanied by a photo of fried curry puffs, read: “Could it be that the food should have looked like this?”

In response to a comment asking how the steamed "dumplings" tasted, the student replied: "Actually, I think it’s quite tasty I even had it with vinegar."

All photos via Xiaohongshu