SBS Transit staff lauded for helping woman in pain & pushing her home in wheelchair

Going above and beyond.

Ruth Chai | January 28, 2024, 03:58 PM



When a woman approached the passenger service counter at Ang Mo Kio bus interchange saying she was in pain, Assistant Interchange Supervisor Chuah Eu Soon sprang into action to help.

He bought a drink and sweets for the woman while two female staff attended to her.

When the woman realised that it would be a difficult task getting home despite living nearby, Chuah took it upon himself to personally push the woman home in a wheelchair.

His actions were applauded by SBS Transit, who took to Facebook on Jan. 25, 2024, to share the heartwarming story.

Sprang into action

On Sep. 27, 2023, Chuah was carrying out his usual duties at the Passenger Service Office in Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange when the woman approached the counter.

The woman, Wanda, later revealed in a letter to SBS Transit that she was taking bus 261 when she experienced "extreme pain".

She alighted at Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange and tried to walk home, but felt giddy.

She approached the service counter to seek help.

Chuah promptly offered her a seat, and alerted two female colleagues who quickly attended to the woman.

He then bought the woman a sports drink and some sweets.

Wanda tried to call her social worker to assist her in getting home, to no avail.

She managed to reach her son, who came down to the station to pick her up.

Personally pushed Wanda home in a wheelchair

Even though Wanda lived opposite the bus interchange, it was still a difficult task to escort her home as she was in pain.

Chuah then volunteered to use one of the wheelchairs at the interchange to assist Wanda in getting home.

He "took it upon himself" to personally push her home in a wheelchair to ensure that she got home safe, said SBS Transit.

Wrote letter to express gratitude

Touched by Chuah's dedication and kindness, Wanda wrote in to SBS Transit to express her gratitude.

I would like to compliment all your staff, especially Mr "Ah Soon", who helped wheel me back home together with my son in the late afternoon of Sep. 27, 2023.

I was taking bus 261 home when I experienced extreme pain. I alighted the bus at Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange and tried to walk home. I felt giddy as I was in extreme pain in my left pelvis. I struggled to your counter to ask for some help and "Ah Soon" took his chair to let me rest and alerted two lady staff to assist me. He even went all the way to get 100PLUS and sweets for me.

I was trying to get hold of my social worker, to no response. Luckily, my son called me back and came over, but it was difficult for him to assist me home. "Ah Soon" volunteered to use your wheelchair to wheel me home as I stay extremely nearby, opposite the bus interchange.

I sincerely thank Mr "Ah Soon" and your staff at Ang Mo Kio bus interchange for helping me. My gratitude to SBS Transit's staff training and quick response.

Job well done. Appreciated! Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,


SBS Transit was similarly proud to share the story of Chuah's kindness.

"It's moments like this that remind us of the power of kindness and the incredible impact it can have on someone's day. Let's all work together to spread positivity and celebrate extraordinary individuals like Eu Soon, who make our community shine with their acts of compassion and care," the company wrote.

Top photo via SBS Transit Ltd