M’sian influencer Nur Sajat shares cancer scare on TikTok

The doctor suggested her to get a full CT scan after being baffled by her unusual weight loss.

Amber Tay | January 26, 2024, 03:19 PM



Malaysian influencer Nur Sajat, 38, revealed she is "suffering from cancer" during an edited live session on TikTok, according to The Malay Mail Online and New Straits Times.

Sajat apologised for any misdeeds she may have done in the past.

She later clarified in a separate TikTok live that the doctor so far only suspects her to have the illness and she isn’t sure of the diagnosis herself, as reported by Harian Metro and World of Buzz.

Sajat's first TikTok was published on Jan. 21 and has since garnered over a million views, with many netizens apologising for condemning her in the past and praying for her recovery.

What happened

In the short clip posted on Jan. 21, Sajat told viewers she is suffering from cancer.

She said that she apologised for any misdeeds or offence she may have caused people in the past and to pray for her.

She added light-heartedly that no one will be left to entertain her fans if she is sick and unable to do live sessions.

@sajjadlegacySajat sakit cancer 🤔♬ original sound - sajjadlegacy

According to The Malay Mail Online, viewers who claimed to have watched the full livestream said Sajat has SV40, a tumour virus which is significantly associated with illnesses such as brain tumours and bone cancer.

While some netizens urged her to "repent", others apologised to Sajat for condemning her in the past.

User @Ainsofea_mdyusoff said, “Sajat, if you’re reading this, I want to say sorry for hating on you in the past."

Another user @pemburu commented, "Sajat have helped me in times of trouble... hope Sajat is healthy 🙏"

Arrested by Malaysian authorities in 2021

Sajat, a transgender woman, is a cosmetics entrepreneur who is famous on social media for her humour and beauty content.

She lives in Australia, where she was granted political asylum after being arrested in 2021 for insulting Islam by wearing women's clothing during a religious event at her beauty centre in 2018.

Her arrest caused controversy in Malaysia, prompting the hashtag #LeaveSajatAlone which gained traction on various social media platforms.

Sajat also supposedly said she intended to leave Islam due to being targeted by anti-transgender people.

Unusual weight loss

On Jan. 24, World of Buzz reported that Sajat clarified in another TikTok Live video that her doctor only suspects her of having the illness.

Sajat said her doctor suggested her to get a full CT scan after being baffled by her unusual weight loss.

The doctor had asked if she was having any headaches before checking her eyes and throat for symptoms.

She commented that doctors in Australia, where she resides currently, would be more concerned about a patient's weight loss compared to other countries.

Sajat also explained to viewers that she has made changes in her diet and frequently participates in dancing classes, which may have caused her unexplained weight loss.

Sajat said her weight loss has caused netizens to worry over her health and hinted that it may have added to her health scare.

She said she really hoped the cancer scare is not true, and concluded that she didn't want to overthink the problem.

Top image via @nursajatkamaruzzaman/Instagram and @sajjadlegacy/TikTok