Moss Cross Tokyo's French-inspired omakase available at Telok Ayer from S$69++

This is its first international outlet.

Elliot Tan | January 21, 2024, 12:17 AM



Shaped by a culinary journey that began in Chiba, Japan to Burgundy, France – chef Akihiro Masuyama has made Singapore his next destination for Moss Cross Tokyo.

Moss Cross Tokyo is a French-Japanese fusion restaurant located at South Bridge Road, serving omakase sets from S$69++. It opened its doors just this month.

Lunch omakase (S$69++)

The three-course lunch omakase set consists of:

  1. Shokado-9
  2. Mains: Choose either chicken with americaine sauce, citrus yellowtail with daikon, roasted hirame (+S$10) or crispy lobster with kadaif (+S$40)
  3. Dessert: Choose either mango sansho pepper and yogurt sorbet or red pepper pudding

A three-course omakase may sound underwhelming at first glance, but the menu makes up for it with the Shokado-9, nine bite-sized portions of sides, which left us partially filled before the mains even reached our bellies.

Here’s what was served during our visit:


Photo by Lee Wei Lin.

The elaborate tray of starters is meant to be experienced top-down, from the right column to the left.

Some standouts include the crab from Hokkaido carrot mousse, which featured a savoury jelly that went great with the umami carrot mousse.

Photo by Elliot Tan.

The beefy flavour in the roasted wagyu seaweed sauce avocado is enhanced by avocado cubes that mimic the creamy fattiness you’d get from butter-basted steaks.

Photo by Elliot Tan.

Roasted hirame (additional S$10++)

Photo by Elliot Tan.

For mains, we opted for the roasted hirame (flatfish), which costs an additional S$10.

The combination of sake cream sauce and flaky fish tastes as heavenly as it sounds.

Dinner omakase (S$150++)

Want more from the menu? Consider their seven-course S$150 dinner omakase menu which will include every dish we mentioned earlier, and then some.

  1. Shokado-9
  2. Hyogo oyster with camembert (cheese) and caviar
  3. Crab chawanmushi with bisque emulsion
  4. Beef cutlet with Worcestershire sauce
  5. Mains: Choose either roasted hirame, kinmedai (snapper) and hotaruika (firefly squid) with chorizo or crispy lobster with kadaif (+S$40)
  6. Wagyu sushi with uni & tsugani (crab) miso soup
  7. Dessert: Choose either daikon compote tiramisu or white chocolate and beans cannelloni with elderflower jelly

Hyogo oyster with camembert cheese and caviar

Photo by Elliot Tan.

Non-oyster lovers look away now for what I’m about to say may either excite or disgust you.

As soon as we cut into the oyster, we could smell the scent of the sea almost immediately. That's how fresh the oysters here are.

The cheese mousse and yuzu pearls masked any overpowering fishy tastes, creating a refreshing and satisfying bite.

Crab chawanmushi with bisque emulsion

crab chawanmushi Photo by Elliot Tan.

A wobbly chawanmushi combined with chicken broth and shredded crab is as good as you’d expect, though a richer flavour would have been nice.

Beef cutlet with Worcestershire sauce

Photo by Elliot Tan.

The crust comprising of breadcrumbs, parsley and parmesan cheese goes well texturally with how tender the beef was. While lacking a little in beefy flavour, the accompanying Worcestershire sauce (that’s been reduced over three days) more than compensates for it with its intensity.

Wagyu sushi with uni & tsugani (crab) miso soup

Photo by Elliot Tan.

Our favourite bite of the day came from this combination of wagyu with uni which complemented the beef completely.

Photo by Elliot Tan.

After our final bite, we washed everything down with a soul-nourishing crab miso soup that came with the wagyu sushi with uni.

Daikon compote tiramisu

We couldn’t get our hands on the base lunch menu desserts but had the chance to try their one-of-a-kind vegetarian tiramisu dessert from the dinner menu.

Photo by Elliot Tan.

Featuring a daikon that's dusted in five-spice and cacao powder – it’s safe to say that this dish won’t be for everyone, but for those seeking a culinary experience (emphasis on experience), give this dessert a try.

The first bite you take will be unlike any other, capturing every woody and earthy flavour profile imaginable.

White chocolate and beans cannelloni with elderflower jelly

Photo by Elliot Tan.

For those searching for something safer, opt for their beautiful white chocolate with white bean paste mousse dessert for a refreshing bite to round off the meal. If you're feeding your camera, this dish would probably be their favourite.

Moss Cross Tokyo

Capri by Fraser China Square, #02-01, 181 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058743

Opening hours: 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm, daily

This was a media preview at Moss Cross Tokyo.

Top photos by Moss Cross Tokyo and Lee Wei Lin.