Woman in S'pore finds stainless steel 'pipe' in BreadTalk pastry, says her teeth almost fell out

The woman said she had since lodged a report with the Singapore Food Agency.

Winnie Li | January 26, 2024, 02:53 PM



When Chloe (not her real name) bought a Coco Cornet Puff from the BreadTalk Plaza Singapura outlet on the afternoon of Jan. 7, 2024, she did not think too much of it, let alone notice it felt a little off.

However, when she took it out and bit into it the next day, she was shocked to find an object resembling a "metal pipe" inside the pastry.

She subsequently took to Xiaohongshu to share about the unusual "ingredient".

Images via Chloe's Xiaohongshu

Image via Chloe's Xiaohongshu

In the photos uploaded by Chloe, a dark-coloured pipe-like object could be seen enveloped by the crust of the half-eaten baked good.

The centre of the pipe-like object was also filled with bread.

In the post's caption, Chloe added that her teeth almost fell out after she bit into the object unknowingly.

She also asked other Xiaohongshu users whether she should bring the pasty back to the BreadTalk outlet and ask for an explanation.

Reached out via BreadTalk's website

Speaking to Mothership, Chloe said she subsequently reached out to BreadTalk via its official website on Jan. 8, the same day she found the pipe-like object.

Later that evening, a male employee from BreadTalk called her and requested to take away the bread for internal investigations.

Chloe rejected the request, as she was worried that BreadTalk might "destroy the evidence" and sweep the incident under the rug.

In response, the employee told Chloe the company would proceed with its internal investigations, recounted Chloe.

Rejected BreadTalk's offer

According to Chloe, on Jan. 9, the same employee called her again, even though she had requested their communications to be conducted via text.

Over the phone, he informed her that the team would proceed with disciplinary action against the kitchen staff involved in the incident and would strengthen their food safety management.

He also told her that BreadTalk was willing to offer her a Thye Moh Chan Hamper, a BreadTalk Group Rewards Card with S$50 stored value, and potential coverage for her dental medical bills if she sought professional help.

Chloe told Mothership that she immediately rejected the offer over the phone:

"I felt that [BreadTalk] just wanted to solve this hastily, and they were not taking my concern as a customer seriously. [What would happen] if it was an elderly or a child who bite into my bread?'"

When she subsequently told the employee that she would be reporting the issue to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), the employee said he would inform his team and discuss it internally.

Decided to report to SFA

Two days later, on Jan. 11, the employee called Chloe again and informed her that BreadTalk would not be changing its offer, said Chloe.

She once again rejected the offer, sharing that she felt the company did not recognise the severity of the incident.

Chloe said she proceeded to lodge a report with SFA on the same day.

However, as of Jan. 26 morning, she had not heard back from the agency.

Statement from BreadTalk

In response to Mothership's queries, a spokesperson from BreadTalk said the company was made aware of the incident through Chloe's Xiaohongshu post on Jan. 8.

The spokesperson also confirmed that Chloe had shared her feedback via the company's official platform, which prompted its customer service team to "swiftly engage with her".

"We also sought additional details for our investigation and to ensure her well-being," the statement read.

Investigation launched

The spokesperson added that the BreadTalk team "immediately launched a comprehensive investigation" in its kitchen and "addressed the matter internally".

The team subsequently found the product in question was crafted in-store and "a stainless-steel mould was mistakenly left in the pastry", which BreadTalk described as "an unfortunate oversight" by its kitchen team.

According to the spokesperson, the product was "swiftly removed" from all BreadTalk outlets.

The company is also currently reviewing and updating its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to incorporate additional measures that "will prevent similar incidents before reintroducing the product for sale".

BreadTalk will also conduct "a comprehensive training session for all staff members" to ensure adherence to the updated procedures.

The staff directly involved in the incident have also been notified and briefed on the necessary adjustments, added the spokesperson.

Offer to Chloe rejected

The spokesperson also confirmed that Chloe had rejected BreadTalk's offer to her, which included a Thye Moh Chan Joyous Hamper valued at S$248, a BreadTalk Group Rewards Card with S$50 stored value, and potential coverage for her dental medical bills.

According to the spokesperson, the company offered the above as "a gesture of sincerity regarding this issue".

The spokesperson added that BreadTalk deeply regrets this incident and the discomfort experienced by Chloe.

"At the same time, we would like to assure our customers that ensuring food safety remains our top priority, and we remain committed to upholding rigorous standards," the statement read.

Statement from SFA

The Singapore Food Agency told Mothership that the agency is investigating the incident.

SFA also said the agency "takes a serious view towards food safety and will investigate all feedback alleging poor food safety practices".

As part of its enquiry and gathering of evidence, SFA said it may engage the feedback provider for more details.

The agency "will not hesitate to take enforcement action if sufficient evidence has been obtained," the statement read.

SFA also added that food safety is a joint responsibility:

"While SFA puts in place and enforces the regulatory measures, food operators must play their part by adhering to good food hygiene and preparation practices. Food operators should also ensure their premises are clean and well-maintained".

Members of the public who have concerns about food safety practices by food operators can report to SFA via the online feedback form.

Top images from Chloe's Xiaohongshu