Jewel car park spat: Mercedes driver flips fellow motorist off, allegedly kicks car for not giving way

Road users should remain cool.

Ruth Chai | January 15, 2024, 03:12 AM



A Mercedes driver was seen preventing a fellow motorist from entering the Jewel Changi Airport car park entrance, getting out of his car, showing his middle finger, and eventually, throwing a kick at the car he stopped.

Footage of the incident was posted onto the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page on Jan. 10, 2024.

Tried to move ahead

According to the Facebook post's caption, the altercation was triggered after the car recording the footage failed to give way to the Mercedes.

The video showed both vehicles travelling along Airport Boulevard towards the entrance of the basement car park.

To enter the car park, vehicles can only access it via the left-most lane.

According to the footage, the Mercedes could initially be seen on the lane to the right of the left-most lane and ahead of the vehicle recording the scene.

via SG Road Vigilante

But it failed to enter the left-most lane when it was travelling ahead of the vehicle recording the footage.

Managed to filter into lane

The left-most lane then split into two lanes.

The vehicle recording the footage could be seen filtering left, as if to allow the Mercedes to enter the lane leading to the car park.

When the car making the recording filtered back to the right lane of the two-lane road, the Mercedes appeared from its left.

The Mercedes then overtook the car recording the footage and stopped in front of it.

via SG Road Vigilante

Seen taunting fellow motorist

The driver of the Mercedes then alighted and appeared to taunt the driver in the vehicle recording the scene.

The Mercedes driver then appeared to show his middle finger.

via SG Road Vigilante

He then appeared to retrieve his phone from his car.

The Mercedes driver the appeared to use his phone to make a recording of the altercation, and continued to flip the other driver off using his other hand.

Gif via video from SG Road Vigilante

He even appeared to wave at the driver he had stopped.

Kicked cam car

The car behind the Mercedes then filtered left to continue down the road towards the basement car park.

The Mercedes driver could be seen throwing a kick towards the car as it pulled away from him.

Gif via video from SG Road Vigilante

It is not known if there was an earlier altercation that could have occurred on the road prior to what was seen in the footage.

Comment section unanimous

However, the footage made available publicly was sufficient for commenters to unanimously find the Mercedes driver's road rage actions unbecoming.

Photo via SG Road Vigilante

Photo via SG Road Vigilante

Photo via SG Road Vigilante

Top photo via SG Road Vigilante