Man, 92, knocked down by PMA at Ang Mo Kio, allegedly blamed by rider for knocking him first

The rider was supposedly in his 70s, according to the victim.

Matthias Ang | January 20, 2024, 03:01 PM



A 92-year-old man was conveyed to hospital after a rider on a Personal Mobility Aid (PMA) reportedly collided with him at Ang Mo Kio bus interchange on Jan. 15, Shin Min Daily News reported.

The collision left him requiring three stitches on his right eyebrow and a bruise on his right eye socket.

In addition, the rider had allegedly told the man that he had bumped into the PMA first.

Rider appeared to be in his 70s

Speaking to Shin Min, the victim, surnamed Zhang (transliteration from Mandarin), said that he had been walking towards the interchange's exit near Burger King when he suddenly felt something hit his right foot from behind.

This caused him to fall down and hit the right side of his face, which left him bleeding.

Zhang added that when he stood up, he discovered that he had been hit by a PMA and the rider appeared to be a thinly-built man in his 70s.

In addition, when he questioned the rider, the rider supposedly claimed that Zhang had bumped into him first.

The rider then apparently left without apologising.

Helped by SBS staff and members of the public

Zhang added that he was helped by two SBS Transit staff who stopped his bleeding.

Other members of the public also approached to assist, including two students who helped to call an ambulance.

Apart from stitches, he also underwent X-ray and brain examinations at hospital.

Zhang said it was fortunate he did not hit his head on the ground during the incident.

His children have also urged him to call the police.

Zhang said he is concerned however, that as the rider did not have a license plate and left the scene quickly, the police will not be able to find him.

"So I've decided to find him myself to help facilitate the police investigation," he added.

Returned to the interchange the next day to find the rider

Zhang said he returned to the interchange the next day on Jan. 16, in the hopes of finding the rider.

He added that he saw the rider but was unable to catch up with him as he was riding a PMA.

Zhang said:

"Compensation for the medical expenses is not the point. I want to bring him to the police station to make a report and I hope the police will issue him a warning so that he will pay attention when riding a mobility device in future."

He has since returned to the interchange repeatedly in hopes of meeting the rider.

Police reports filed by SBS Transit and member of the public

In response to Mothership's queries, a spokesperson for SBS Transit said that they had filed a police report on the incident, after viewing closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage and noting the involvement of a PMA.

She added:

"On Jan. 15, 2024, at about 12:55pm, our staff was patrolling the Ang Mo Kio bus interchange when he saw a small crowd that had gathered around an elderly man on the ground in a seated position.

Together with two members of the public, they helped him up to a seat. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, our staff attended to his wound. He was subsequently conveyed to the hospital for treatment."

The spokesperson also said that SBS Transit would like to thank the two commuters who came forward to assist Zhang.

Meanwhile, another member of the public, surnamed Tang (transliteration from Mandarin), told Shin Min that he filed a police report after spotting Zhang at the interchange on Jan. 18.

Tang said the sight of a man whose face was covered in bruises and a gauze wondering up and down the interchange had prompted him to approach Zhang and ask him if he needed help.

After Zhang told him what happened, Tang said he convinced Zhang to trust the police's ability to handle the case and helped him to make a police report.

In response to Shin Min's queries, the police said the case is under investigation.

Top photos via Shin Min Daily News