Job ad for KTV performer fluent in Vietnamese & Thai appears on S'pore govt portal, part of fair hiring search for locals to fill role

S$8,000-S$12,000 a month salary, work place at Cuppage Plaza.

Belmont Lay | January 12, 2024, 01:57 PM



Talk about fair hiring practices.

A nightlife entertainment establishment in Singapore located in the Orchard area has put up a recruitment advertisement on the MyCareersFuture portal, a Singapore government agency website listing jobs for Singaporeans and permanent residents.

Based on the listing's description, the joint in Cuppage Plaza at Koek Road is looking for a singer/ dancer, otherwise officially listed as "KTV - Performing artiste" in the job ad's title.

The advertised monthly salary for the position is between S$8,000 and S$12,000.

The listing first appeared on Jan. 7 and will close on Feb. 6.

No applications have been received so far.

Job description

The listing provided a succinct breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of the job.

As per the listing, they include:

1. Perform on stage in front of a live audience.

2. Express emotion and present ideas through body movement, spoken language, facial expression and action.

3. Attend rehearsals and confer with other band members.

4. Work with the music director to fine-tune the performance.

5. Arrange for musical instruments or props to arrive at gigs.

6. Interpret criticism from directors.

7. Memorise lines or musical notes.

As part of the job requirements, the ad articulated clearly what was asked of the applicant:

1. Talented and Creative – well-versed in a range of styles and have the ability to connect with various audiences through rhythm and melody, able to adjust actions in relation to audiences’ actions, resulting in attracting more customers to the club

2. Knowledgeable – Able to sing many songs to entertain audiences

3. Communicate well with the audiences/customers and colleagues

4. Dance well on the stage

5. Must be prepared to work during weekends and public holidays

6. Must be fluent in Vietnamese and Thai language

7. Must have existing connection in Vietnam and Singapore

8. Traveling over to Vietnam is a must.

9. 6 days work week, from 6pm to 3am

Why advertise on Singapore government jobs portal?

Even though this particular job listing might appear odd on a Singapore government jobs portal, listing it is a requirement for the employer to abide by as part of fair hiring practices.

MyCareersFuture is a free service provided for Singapore citizens and PRs.

In order for an employer to submit Employment Pass (EP) or S Pass applications to hire foreigners, they must first advertise on MyCareersFuture and fairly consider all candidates to promote fair employment practices and improve labour market transparency.

As of Sep. 1 2022, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has required firms to advertise jobs on the MyCareersFuture portal for at least 14 consecutive days before they can submit an EP or S Pass application.

The advertising requirement applies to employers with at least 10 employees.

Moreover, this KTV performing artiste job falls squarely under the EP category given its high salary range.

EP application for foreign hires

Since Sep. 1, 2023, the EP qualifying salary requirements for new applications and renewals has been fixed at S$5,000 for all sectors except financial services.

The qualifying salary requirements increase with age.

For example, for foreigners 23 years old and below, the minimum salary drawn to qualify for an EP is S$5,000.

The minimum salary drawn increases progressively with age, with a S$250 increment per year.

For those 45 years old and above, the minimum salary drawn to qualify for an EP is S$10,500.

There are other related ads seeking performing artistes on the portal, with lower salary ranges.

These jobs can be filled by S Pass holders, as an S Pass application for those not in financial services requires a minimum S$3,150 salary, which increases progressively with age from age 23, up to $4,650 at age 45 and above.



Likewise with the EP, the qualifying salary requirements for S Pass increase with age.

Moreover, all EP applicants have to go through the Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS), which is a transparent points-based system that enables employers to select high-quality foreign professionals, while improving workforce diversity and building a strong local core.

Not allowed to go through motion

Even though advertising for Singaporeans and PRs to fill the role first is not a foolproof method of preventing the discriminatory hiring of foreigners over locals, the 14-day job advertising requirement is in place to ensure that local applicants are considered fairly for job opportunities.

MOM said: "For instance, some employers go through the motion of advertising on MyCareersFuture after pre-selecting a foreigner, and do not review the applicants from MyCareersFuture. Other employers post discriminatory job advertisements."

"These practices breach the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices, and employers that engage in these practices may be debarred from hiring foreign employees."

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