S'porean TikToker opens ice cream cafe in MacPherson till 1am daily

"Siao ah!"

Fasiha Nazren | Wong Li Jie | January 20, 2024, 03:13 PM

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Heard of Uncle Vincent?

Known for his catchphrase "siao ah", Vincent Lim is the main character of his daughter Anna Lim's TikTok videos.

@annalimsm Almost got killed lol. Tried my best to hide the camera #fyp #dadsoftiktok #dadpranks ♬ original sound - Anna Lim - banana 🍌

Fast forward to 2024, he's opened a brand new ice cream shop in MacPherson called Crazy Scoops, offering ice cream, waffles, savoury snacks, sodas and coffee.

The name is in line with his famous tagline, "siao ah" which translates to "crazy" in Hokkien.

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Here's a look at the cafe:

Aptly-worded neon sign. Photo by Wong Li Jie.

Trippy mirror. Photo by Wong Li Jie.

Fulfilling Uncle Vincent's dream

Speaking with Mothership, Vincent's son-in-law Gerard Chng, explained that it's always been Vincent's dream to open an ice cream cafe.

He shared that people of all ages and from all over Singapore have come to the cafe hoping to catch a glimpse of Vincent.

Some even requested to hear his catchphrase in person.

@mothership.nova Crazy Scoops 📍: 77 Circuit Road, 01-460, S370077 ⏰: Daily, 1pm to 1am 🍴: Coriander ice cream S$4.50 Bluepea Vanilla S$5.50 Waffle with 2 scoops ice cream S$15 #tiktoksg #SGFoodie #foodfestontiktok #wheretoeat #sgdessert #icecream #crazyscoops #gelato #sgcafe ♬ Surround Sound - JID

He did tell us, however, that Vincent doesn't stay throughout the cafe's operating hours and the best time to catch him would probably be in the late afternoon.

Interesting flavours

Crazy Scoops has some bold flavours like coriander.

The pricing is as follows:

  • S$4.50 for one scoop
  • S$8 for two scoops
  • Additional S$1 for selected "premium" flavours

You can also pair your ice cream with:

  • Waffle (S$7)
  • Croffle (S$5.50)
  • Brownie (S$6)
  • Cone (S$0.50)


Photo by Wong Li Jie.

The coriander ice cream is one of Crazy Scoops' most unique flavours.

There is a herbaceous aroma present, but it's light and complements the creamy vanilla base.

Also kind of reminds us of avocado.

Bluepea vanilla

Photo by Fasiha Nazren.

It's fragrant, creamy, and comes in a pleasant pastel blue.

Waffles with ice cream

Waffle with Thai Milk Tea ice cream and Cclo-up Collagen ice cream. Photo by Wong Li Jie.

We've been told that Vincent's favourite flavour is Thai Milk Tea.

And we understand why, because the flavour is very gao.

There's also the limited edition Cclo-up Collagen flavour, made in collaboration with Cclo-Up, a wellness brand founded by influencer Cheryl Chin.

The collagen-infused ice cream contains cranberries and comes in bright fuchsia.

Moving forward, Chng said that Crazy Scoops is aiming to expand their menu and include more brand collaborations.

Crazy Scoops

77 Circuit Road, #01-460, Singapore 370077

Opening hours: 1pm to 1am, daily

This was a media preview at Crazy Scoops.

Top photos by Wong Li Jie.