91% of healthcare workers awarded Covid-19 medals, those without may submit appeals

MOH will review their applications with their employers accordingly.

Julia Yee | January 10, 2024, 12:14 PM



Most healthcare workers in Singapore have been awarded the Covid-19 Resilience Medal (CRM), but those who feel they are deserving but may have missed out on the medal may write in an appeal to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

About 91 per cent of healthcare workers have been awarded the Covid-19 Resilience Medal (CRM), said Minister for Health Ong Ye Kung in a written parliamentary reply on Jan. 9, 2024.

Ong was responding to the questions from multiple Members of Parliament (MPs) on how the eligibility for Covid-19 Resilience medal was decided and whether those who missed out on the medal may appeal.

"Overcoming the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis was a national concerted effort, hence our approach in conferring the CRM was to be as inclusive as possible, with no quotas set," said Ong.

Eligibility criteria

Ong outlined certain requirements put in place to ensure that standards are met and the process rigorous.

The eligibility criteria is that the individual must have made "substantial contributions on a sustained basis" during the pandemic in:

  • Managing the public health crisis at the frontlines
  • Supporting frontline operations, such as vaccination, testing, managing dorms or recovery facilities
  • Managing the consequences of COVID-19 on Singapore’s economy, supply chains or social cohesion

As the CRM is a national-level award, individuals with criminal records and public service officers with disciplinary records and within the debarment periods are disqualified.

9 in 10 awarded

The list of CRM awardees was published on the Prime Minister’s Office website on May 31, 2023.

Ong shared that around 91 per cent of 68,600 healthcare workers in Singapore's public healthcare institutions were recipients of the CRM.

"The remaining did not receive the CRM mainly because they were not assessed as having contributed substantially or on a sustained basis toward the Covid-19 Pandemic within the specified period of contribution," he said, adding that a "very small number" were disqualified due to their disciplinary records.

Outsourced workers such as cleaners, porters and patient care assistants are also included in the nomination process, with about 2,000 receiving the medal.

MOH received and reviewed numerous appeals

Ong said that from May 31, 2023, to the end of August 2023, MOH received and reviewed numerous appeals for the CRM from the healthcare sector.

The ministry thus added more awardees to the list.

"Despite the rigorous process and inclusive approach, it is possible that some employers may have missed out on nominating their staff," Ong stated.

Individuals who feel deserving but have missed receiving the CRM can write to MOH, which will review these appeals with their employers accordingly.

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