Crypto hedge fund co-founder Zhu Su said S'pore jail time was 'enjoyable' & had the 'best sleep' of his life

He said "not to the point of highly recommending it," but good for everyone to "experience once."

Amber Tay | January 24, 2024, 04:46 PM



Zhu Su, co-founder of failed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) said he had the "best sleep" of his life while serving his three-month sentence in Singapore, as seen in promotional podcast video excerpts posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Jan. 22.

The 36-year-old was initially sentenced to four months in prison but was released early based on standard provisions for good behaviour.

Felt a kinship with ancestors

In a video clip, Zhu described his time in prison to have a "really magical feeling" and he felt "a kinship" with his ancestors.

Zhu also said that his time in Singapore prison was "enjoyable."

"Obviously no one wants to go to prison," he said. "But I think that it's actually a really enjoyable experience overall."

"Not to the point of highly recommending it per se," Zhu continued. "But I would say that it's something if everyone got to experience once, I think it's definitely good for you."

He said that being in prison allowed him to experience activities considered "entertainment" from the "ancient days," such as reading and doing push-ups.

"You can read all the books you want," he said, adding that the inmates were given "lots of fruits" every few hours.

Good sleep

"The sleep is amazing," Zhu said, noting lights turn off at 9:30pm and comes back on at 5:30am.

Due to the lack of alcohol and caffeine, and also the lack of an Internet connection, he said he would fall asleep immediately and had "the best sleep" of his life in prison.

Since there was no bed provided in prison and he had to sleep on the floor, he said "it's the same as...a Japanese tatami mat" and it's "really good for decompressing your...spine."

Arrested in Sept. 2023

Zhu was arrested at Changi Airport on Sept. 29, 2023 when attempting to leave the country, according to Bloomberg.

He was sentenced to four months in jail after failing to cooperate with the task of winding up 3AC, such as closing the operations of the business, selling off assets, and paying off creditors.

Management consulting company Teneo estimated creditors are owed roughly US$3.3 billion (approximately S$4.4 billion) overall, while liquidators are seeking to recover US$1.3 billion (approximately S$1.7 billion) from Zhu and his co-founder Kyle Davies.

Singapore's central bank has also imposed nine-year prohibition orders on both founders for transgressions at 3AC, including risk management failings and providing false information.

Davies is subjected to the same committal orders as Zhu, but his current whereabouts remain unknown.

3AC had been considered among the largest and most successful crypto hedge funds before its collapse.

Top image via Zhu Su/Instagram and @SCHIZO_FREQ/X