Covid-19 surge: MOH urges public to mask up in crowded places, even if they are not sick

Exercise personal and social responsibility.

Keyla Supharta | December 16, 2023, 10:42 AM

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The Ministry of Health (MOH) has urged the public to mask up in crowded places, even if they are not sick, as Singapore is currently experiencing a surge in Covid-19 infections.

In a press release on Dec. 15, the ministry also urged the public to exercise personal and social responsibilty by avoiding contact with others if they're sick.

Exercise personal and social responsibility

Individuals who are unwell and exhibit symptoms of acute respiratory infections (ARI) are advised to avoid contact with others and stay at home until the symptoms subside.

If they have to come into contact with others while unwell, they need to exercise social responsibility by wearing a mask, minimising social interactions, and avoiding crowded places.

"MOH also strongly encourages the public to wear a mask in crowded places even if they are not sick, especially in indoor settings, or when visiting or interacting with vulnerable persons," the ministry said.

Vaccination remains primary defence against Covid-19

MOH urged the public to keep their vaccination up to date as it remains the primary defence against Covid-19.

The ministry added that hospitalisation rates amongst those who kept up to date with their Covid-19 vaccination are considerably lower compared with those who have not.

Those aged 60 years and above, medically vulnerable persons, and residents of aged care facilities are strongly advised to get the updated vaccine if their last dose was more than a year ago.

All individuals aged six months and above are also encouraged to receive an additional dose, especially for healthcare workers and household members or caregivers of medically vulnerable individuals.

The ministry said:

"Our society has weathered several infection waves and emerged more resilient each time, and we can similarly withstand this wave with everyone’s cooperation. We urge everyone to play their part in protecting themselves and their families, especially seniors and medically vulnerable persons."

Daily update

Starting from Dec. 19, the MOH website will be updated daily to reflect the latest estimated Covid-19 case numbers during this period of surge in cases.

The ministry also said that it has been working with public hospitals to ensure that Singapore's hospital capacity is prepared to handle a surge in hospitalisation cases.

This weekend, MOH will also open the second Covid-19 Treatment Facility (CTF) at Singapore Expo Hall 10 to increase CTF capacity.

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